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How much constructing a pen house will cost you

There are so many factors that are involved before determining how much a poultry pen can cost you, the factors which ranged from the size of the poultry pen, the current price of building materials and the cost of workmanship. Therefore the cost of constructing a standard poultry pen is better determined at the time of construction.

Owning a chicken farm can be both an exciting and lucrative adventure. The cost of building a commercial layer chicken house depends on its design and material specifications. What is a layer house? It’s a farm building or shed where female chickens (Layers) are kept for the purpose of laying eggs.

Depending on the size of the building, this chicken farm is capable of small to large-scale egg production, so you can build a house to accommodate as low as 10,000 layers, and up to 200,000 birds. The design in this post is for 20,000 layer chickens.

There are two main types of poultry houses, an automated/mechanically ventilated house, and a naturally ventilated house. The design you choose depends on many factors such as the weather/climate conditions in your region, the amount of budget (finances) you have for each of the design alternatives, the ground conditions, the availability of specific materials in your area and the amount of labour, time you want to cut or put in.

If you need to improve productivity and increase efficiency on your farm, you will have to invest in technology. An automated layer house has mechanically controlled systems for feeding, drinking, egg collection and manure removal. The ventilation is also automated, adjusting and changing accordingly with the environmental temperature, wind pressure, humidity and lighting.

This commercial chicken house will save you a lot of money, especially in reducing labour costs. One man can run and manage the entire farm via the control room and occasionally inspecting the building.

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Now let us look at an idea of how much constructing a pen house will cost you below:

Feeding cost has always been a subject of contention in the operating cost of a poultry project; for those into 1000 birds farm capacity or more and would love to cut feed cost by 60% to 70% with an innovative alternative formula visit

Instead of feeding 1,000 birds with #500,000 naira monthly, it is very much possible to expend #62,000 to #72,000 naira monthly for the same course which is just between 12% to 15% of the regular monthly feeding cost of #500,000 naira.

Cost of setting up 1000 capacity Poultry Pen (layers) using Nigeria as a Case Study

1. Building Materials for standard pen house

pen house(14 by 70 feet),

blocks, bags of cement, sand filling (latras), sharp sand, plastering sand, granite, water, Labour charges, galvanized/steel poles/wood/concrete pillar.


(3by 4) wood,(2by4) wood, (2by 3),wood (2by2)wood ,minimum of bundles of net, slate/asbestos,bags of nail, thyrod, Labour charges

A single building can contain single row of cages would be suitable. The width should be minimum of 4.2meters and length of 21metres,height of 3metres. Utilize the cage detail below in construction bearing in mind that the row will have a gutter for their waste or manure.

Cage: Our layers cage in CKD form
Size: the length: 2.2m
the width: 2.4m
the height: 1.65m).

The wall should not be more than 0.3meters and the roof( asbestos) is better, the pen house should be well ventilated, an expert should do pen construction, things to watch out for, height, slope of the roof, overlappings
gutter, materials used, erosion/water logging, pen orientation), rain direction/air, accessibility of the road during raining season, water level/availability/colour during different seasons, ensure you do water analysis test it is very quite affordable.

Required cages:
Utilizing our deluxe cage ; capacity is 120 birds/unit.1000 birds poultry would need 9units.

Budget N1,100-1400/point of lay bird or N200-250/day old chick.
Budget additional N200/POL to raised them to laying or additional N950-1150/DOC to raise them to laying. Good birds would start dropping at least 19- 20 weeks.


Initial investment/Start up capital:

Pen house, Battery Cages,Point of lay birds(16-18 weeks),feed to lay, Contingency, Utility, farm attendants/staff, insurance, vaccine, remuneration etc.

1000 laying birds for table eggs production:

The birds purchased at 16 -18weeks, start to lay at19- 20 weeks ,
peak at about 27-35 weeks of age. At 75-80% production 25-27 crates (30eggs/crate) per day and Birds will consume 5bags of feed per day.

The average daily revenue could sum up to ₦18,900 @ 650-700 per crate wholesale price daily expenditure on feed within ₦13,250-14,750@2650-2950 per bag (₦397,500-442,500 thousand monthly). Revenue per month (₦526,500-567,000@30days calculation).

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poultry pen house
poultry pen house


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