How to Introduce New Animals into your Ruminant Farm

Methods of introducing New Farm Animals into your Ruminant Farm

Let us discuss how you can handle the introduction of new animals into your ruminant farm

Please note that from whatever source they are coming from, it is not advisable that you introduce new animals directly into your ruminant farm because they could introduce disease to your farm therefore, it is necessary that new animals are quarantined for at least a week before they are added to the animals on your farm and during this period, the new animals are observed for any sign of ill-health and they are also given some disease prevention treatment.

Often times, some ruminant farmers come up with questions like: “I have some female animals but no male yet, is it advisable for me to hire male from another farm to mate the females”? Well, like I always advice them, hiring male from another farm to mate your female is risky as reproductive diseases do spread faster through this means. You are not in control of the health management of the farm from which you are getting the male from and so, you cannot guarantee its state of health.

Therefore I would rather advice that even if you have only two animals, let one of them be a male and the other a female. However, if you must use male from another farm for mating especially in cases of cross-breeding, then make sure that you do all possible to ascertain the state of health of the animal in question.

Also in cases like you giving out your male animal to male female animals on another farm, there are two ways to do this. It is either you separate a male for mating female on another farm that is not used for mating on your farm especially if you are involved in cross-breeding. This will prevent your farm from getting diseases from another farm. However, you should maintain a good health status of your male regularly so that it doesn’t transfer diseases to the farm where it is being used for mating.

On the other hand, using a male that you use on your farm for mating on another farm could be very risky and not advisable because it is an easy way of introducing diseases to your farm from another farm therefore as much as possible, this should be avoided.

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