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How to prevent Soldier Ants from invading your Poultry House

Soldier ants are other pests that should not be taken for granted in a poultry house as they have devoured thousands of birds in the past. As part of the poultry house, a water way should be made round the pen and water should be available on the water way always. This will prevent soldier ants from crossing and having access to the birds.

Army ants (commonly called Soldier Ants) are little living organisms that could destroy your animals or raise great havoc. Thus, they must be considered as a threat and extremely dangerous pests whenever they are sighted in your farm or around pens. They are commonly found around poultry farms.

Also if the birds are raised in a relatively small scale, used engine oil could be spread round the pen as it is known to scare soldier ants away.

For most farmers that have raised birds in a cage at their backyards before but soldier ants killed all of them, what you should do is this, since your cage has four legs then get four bowls of water, fill them with water and add kerosene or used engine oil. Then dip each of the legs of the cages in each of the bowls.

The water will prevent the soldier ants from climbing the cage and gaining access to your birds and to prevent water from damaging the legs of the cage, a nylon can be nailed on the legs so that the woods does not have direct access to the water.

Army ants are ruled by a queen, defended by soldiers and fed by workers. They have large colonies that continually expand as the queen lays eggs all day and the ants attack other colonies for food. If their foraging has led them to sharing your house, you may be desperately wondering how to kill off the unwanted pests.

From experience, soldier ants are capable of killing hundreds of chicks overnight. Since these small organisms are a threat to your animals, they must be kept away from your farm and animals.

This is why we are going to discuss in details, the 5 effective ways to prevent soldier ants from invading your poultry farm to avoid generating loss to you as the poultry farmer below.

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Soldier ants

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Soldier Ants from Invading a Poultry Farm

Adhere to the 5 tips below to keep soldier ants away from your poultry farms:

1. Farmers must remove everything that serves as an attractant to these ants from poultry pens. These include dead birds, sweeteners, foods, feeds etc. All dead birds or animals must be disposed of as soon as they are found.

Additionally, feed and water remnants must not be disposed or poured on the floors around pens.

2. Limit the quantity of feed and water that falls on litters and ensure that feeds are not kept in the pens. The feed must be kept in a store with screens to prevent ants, rodents and other pests from infiltrating.

3. All feed ingredients such as amino acids, GNC, SBM and PKC must not be stored or kept in the rearing pens.Ensure the height of the foundation of your pen is far above the ground level and concrete cement must be used for construction and flooring. Cracks on walls and floors must be sealed off.

4. Ensure the height of the foundation of your pen is far above the ground level and concrete cement must be used for construction and flooring. Cracks on walls and floors must be sealed off.

5. If you discover areas or pens that are prone to infestation of soldier ants, ensure that you spray insecticides around the pens once in two weeks. Identify the colony of these ants and attack them right there using a very strong or powerful insecticide.

The measures listed above are very effective in preventing and/or controlling soldier ants in your farm. So if you have the problems of soldier ants invading your farm, make use of the above tips to keep them away.

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