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How to Setup Your New Pig Farm- Beginners Guide

Here’s a comprehensive guide on How to Setup Your New Pig Farm as there are certain procedures or processes that must be followed when setting up a successful pig farm especially if you are about starting out for the first time as a beginner.

1) Securing a Good Location

The first step in setting up a new pig farm is by securing a good location. When choosing a site for raising your pigs, it’s important to select a non-residential area due to the unpleasant odors involved in raising pigs so that it doesn’t affect the neighborhood therefore the site to be chosen must be slightly rural but close to the city for easy accessibility and transportation to the market, it will also make it easier for people who’d prefer to visit your farmland for a purchase.

The size of the land required depends on the size of the pig farm you want to establish because pigs love to forage. While many other factors are crucial to the success of your pig farm, picking the right site to set up your farm is one of the most important factors.

2) Build Ideal Pig Pens (Housing)

Pig Farm

The pig pen must be built in order to protect them from the rain, predators, and to keep them warm or cool during odd temperatures. It is also important to regulate the temperature of the pig pens due to the high sensitivity of pigs to oddly warm environments. Their houses can be cooled using a wallow or a dripping water system meanwhile wallows are largely used for a hog pen.

The pig pens should also be built to have enough space as to enable a free roam among the pigs, this would help to prevent pig violence, and also reduce the chances of a disease breakout affecting all the pigs.

The drainage in the pens should also be well constructed as to allow a free flow of water. Asides the drainage, small pig pools should also be constructed due to the fact that pigs like to play a lot in water and also use it as a way to cool off and this water should be changed daily at the same time the pens are cleaned to prevent pests and diseases from befalling your pig farm.

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3) Purchase Healthy Piglets to Raise

Pig Farm

When starting a new pig farm, purchasing healthy piglets is very important since their health status won’t just determine their mortality rate, but also their reproductive rate.

Piglets can be purchased from the producers and the stock breeders and they would advise you on which to get from them and especially what your budget can afford. Normally, pigs that were cross-bred are vibrant, have a high appetite, and grow faster so this usually makes a mixed breed a top choice for most new farmers.

It is also advisable you talk to a veterinary doctor to verify their health status when trying to purchase a piglet or feeder as a healthy piglet should usually be large and weigh a minimum of 25 lbs. The sex of the piglet also determines the growth rate, example: male piglets are known to grow faster than the female piglets.

4) Pig Feed or Pig Feeding

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Although the best meals for domesticated pigs raised primarily for commercial purposes are usually grains and meat, Pigs can feed on almost anything. Corn is one of their most coveted meals; they can be fed with cooked vegetables, and left over meals in the house.

To ensure the pig’s fast growth and good healthy, it is preferable that they feed on vitamins, rich supplements, and heavy protein meals.

It is advisable to purchase pig feed in large quantities, and a larger part of the protein feed should be reserved for the mature pigs, since they consume more meals than the smaller pigs.

Their water supply should also be adequate because they consume an average of two to six gallons of water every day. Therefore, ensure that their water is always available as water consumption has a major role to play in the overall health and growth of the pigs. The water can be provided through a sprinkler, trough, or a tub.

Since the pigs wouldn’t just drink their water, but would also step on it and wash their faces and body in it, it’s important the water should be changed on a regular basis.

5) Carry Out a Period Pig Sanitation

The pig pens must undergo a periodic sanitation, the pig pens must be well cleaned and taken care of to prevent diseases out-break in your pig farm. Using slotted pen floors helps to make the waste collection process easier in order to ensure that the pen floors are always dry which is very important for a disease-free environment to thrive.

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