How To Start Bean Flour Production Business

Bean flour production is the processing of beans to powder for various uses. And processing of foodstuff makes food easier to prepare with style. Beans are a source of protein to the body, Health Organization advises that we should take at least a plate of legume in a day in other to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and any other health-related issues.

The bean flour is very nutritious, used in preparing different variety of food such as snacks (moi-moi, akara), casseroles, side dishes, baking etc. It can be combined with carbohydrate such as moi-moi and rice, akara with ogi etc. This kind of food is particularly useful to vegetarians as an alternative protein source.

Apart from helping to prevent wastage, bean flour production or let’s say processing beans into flour will enhance its market value while also bringing additional income to farmers. You will agree with me that preparing of beans for moi-moi and akara consumes so much time sometimes you have to prepare it down overnight.

But with bean flour; the preparation time will be reduced, you will have it handy for use whenever you need it, cost and stress of preparing it would be reduced too.

There are many reasons to go into bean flour production business, it is profitable that’s why you have the likes of Ayoola foods, Janeland limited etc still in the business without any challenge. 1kg of bean flour in the market cost as much as #1,000, you can imagine how much will come out from 10kg of beans when processed.

Very few people are into this business making it a green market to access. You can start the business in your own small way, however the choice of the kind of beans to process matters. Use the one with good texture example of such is the popular; navy beans, carbanzo mung, lentil, honey beans etc.

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Equipment’s Needed for Bean Flour Production in Small Scale


Sealing machine




Remove dirt, stones etc. from the beans as failure to do so would reduce the quality of the bean flour

Soak the beans in water using a big bowl. if the beans is not much you can use your hand to peel them but whereby the quantity is large; pour them in a mortar and use the pestle to rub on it until they are completely de-hulled or peeled, turn them into a bowl. Do same to the remaining ones until you exhaust them.

Pour plenty of water on the bowl and the chaff would come up, remove the chaff. Keep putting water whenever you turn the other away with the chaff until you cannot find any chaff again.

Put mat outside or rack and spray the washed beans on top for sunlight to dry them. This will be very effective during dry season or harmattan. But during wet season use dryer to dry them

Take them to commercial grinders or you grind them to powder yourself if you have the machine

Don’t package them immediately after grinding air them first

Package them for sale or use

packaged bean flour

Equipment’s Needed for Large Scale Bean Flour Production



Hammer mill with cyclone


Weighing scale

Branded nylon

Sealing machine


Doing bean flour production in a large scale involves a lot of money because you cannot start without putting in place all those equipment’s which runs into millions.

With about 20 million Naira you can start big but you can also cut the capital down by purchasing locally manufacturing equipment’s.

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How to Package Bean Flour

In bean flour production business your packaging matters a lot, find out how others package theirs and either do same or improve on it. The uniqueness of the package can make people rush your products even when they don’t know how the product is.

Use a name that is very easy to memorize or can be pronounced. There may be many other bean flour in the market but your packaging strategy can over throw others.

How to Prepare Bean Flour for Use

How To Start Bean Flour Production Business



Measure 50g of bean flour into a bowl

Add 120ml (2/3) standard tin milk of water into it

Stir very well to make a paste


Measure 50g of bean flour into a bowl

Pour 60ml (1/3) standard tin milk of water into it

Stir very well until it becomes a paste

How to Preserve Bean Powder

Although the shelf life of bean flour can last long if carefully sealed (air tight) but for a longer shelf life you can add ginger powder just a little and mix. Even the ones you buy in the market you noticed that it doesn’t get bad if not exposed to air.


Sell to market men and woman who retails foodstuff in the market. Use online market to advertise your product. Increase your quantity and reduce the price so as to attract customers. First start by processing and selling to your friends, colleagues and neighbours. Locate supermarkets and big malls and supply to them.

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How to make beans flour at home? 7 months ago 5909 views by Zain Agu It is time to talk about some highly healthy food. This post will tell you how to make beans flour with minimum effort at your home. The benefits of this product are numerous, so don’t waste time, and get ready for preparation. How to make beans flour at home?

Some benefits of homemade bean flour We all know that legumes are rich in nutrients, fibre and low in fats. Many health organizations recommend to eat a portion of legumes per day to reduce the risk of diabetes, indigestion, heart disease and other health problems. Despite the growing popularity of beans, only a few people know about the benefits of home-made bean flour.

If you are striving for health, you should definitely try to make beans flour at home. Let’s consider some main benefits of bean flour: It helps you in weight regulation Bean flour contains fibre that helps to normalize metabolism and improve digestion.

Such food is very filling because it needs a long time to digest, so it is a good way to avoid hunger for a long time. How to make beans flour at home?

 It is known that fibre-rich food helps to reduce the level of cholesterol, and this is a good way to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. It helps to maintain pH balance Bean flour is known as natural alkaline, it can reduce the level of acidity. How to make flour from beans?

We know so many ways to prepare beans flour, and it is not only baking. You can use this product as soup thickener, sauce, dips, and of course in baking. Beans flour recipes list is so long, but this time we will tell you how to make beans flour.

How to make beans flour at home? It is also an excellent way to utilize dry beans and the whole process is so simple. Actually, the only equipment you need is a good blender or a grinder.

Let’s see the steps: First, soak the beans Spread beans on a baking sheet and dry in the oven a the temperature about 175F When beans is completely dry it is time to process them in a blender

Remember that the flour can be heated up because of the friction, so set it to cool before storing in the fridge. You can also keep it in the pantry because one more benefit of beans flour is that it is easy to store.

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