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Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

So many people nowadays disregard the fact that animals play a key role also in the betterment of our environment and ecosystem, from the dog moving around in the neighborhood to the near-mythical narwhal in the depths of the Arctic ocean. However, this article will open our eyes to the importance of animals to environmental protection and also human wellness.

1. Bees Are Powerful Pollinators

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Bees play a vital role in the ecosystem because about one-third of the world’s food depends highly on pollination. In fact, about 30% and 90% of earth’s plants and crops depend on bees in order to survive.

So, don’t think of bees as enemies as there are people who hate bees and think they have no other use than producing honey. So the next time you find a wildflower, you can thank a busy bee.

2. Beavers Help in Combating Against Climate Change

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Beavers are creatures that live in woody mud/dirt and also are important in regulating ecosystems.

These creatures help in reducing so many natural disasters from occurring. When these creatures start gnawing and damming, they tend to reduce flooding and wildfire damage, preserve fish populations, and conserve freshwater reservoirs. These make them very important in combating natural disasters.

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3. Llamas Helps Patrol Farms

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Llamas over the years have been seen to be extraordinary animals as they play a major role in security, especially in securing farmlands. Now, this animal has a low environmental impact and a sweet tooth for invasive weed species.

You should also know that Llamas are very sociable creatures as they tend to bond with other animal specie/herds, making them instinctively protective against predators and an invaluable asset to shepherds and ranchers.

4. Rats Detect Landmines

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Rats may be annoying when it comes to destroying foods at home and also littering around making the house look messy with their poop, although with their great sense of smell and trainability, they are exceptionally suited to work as landmine detectors.

Using rats to detect landmines is very effective and cheaper than dogs and also metal detectors. during the 19th century, rats were being used in war as landmine detectors because of their great sense of detection.

5. Squirrels Help Trees Take Root

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Have you ever wondered why trees are much in quantity in forests today? Well, why some are being planted by humans but some by animals and majorly squirrels play a big role as nature’s tree planter.

In some cases when these nut-gathering animals store nuts in their holes and then forget them in turn, they germinate and grow into trees that sustain our ecosystem. That is why it is very important that after taking down any tree, it is expected that you plant another one in place of the one that was cut down.

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6. Narwhals Assist Scientists

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Narwhals are generally referred to as the “Unicorns of the sea.” They are known for their deep-diving and are used by scientists, especially at NASA. they are being used in tracking the changes in Greenland’s arctic temperature.

However, scientists put fitted radio wave transmitters on these animals to collect data from the depths of the ‘Arctic sea’ on water salinity, temperature, and impact of the increasingly warm ocean water on Greenland’s glaciers.

7. Elephants Create a Source Of Water For Other Species

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

However, most countries that depend on tourist attractions for an economic boost no doubt bring elephants into their zoos as they tend to attract lots of attractions. Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and also they play a key role in the ecosystem.

Elephants, during dry seasons, help other animals by providing a source of water by using their large tusks to dig for water.

8. Birds Balance Nature

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Birds, as worthless as they might seem help a lot in reforestation and also in seed pollination. They also help in controlling pests and soil fertilization whether, in a garden or farm, these animals play a huge role in balancing nature.

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9. Octopi Are Avid Recyclers

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Octopi are very rare animals but they are extremely resourceful as they help in recycling. These animals use their tentacles to work by reusing and reducing was through the use of glass containers, coconut shells, and other debris to create shelters.

Although, for a fact, these animal is scary as it doesn’t have a decent and good-looking physique.

What seems to be a waste to man to an octopus it’s a treasure, we should learn from these animals. In summary, octopuses are known for their key role in reducing waste by recycling and reusing.

10. Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Importance of Animals to Our Ecosystem

Literally, everyone loves dogs, as they are considered humanity’s best friend for so many cogent reasons.

Dogs help in astute-based services by guiding people who are suffering from visual impairments to loyal companions providing emotional support.

Also, dogs are also used as was machines as they help in sniffing out the enemy’s location and also they serve as rescue machines, helping in rescue and so many other things this animal has broad positive effects on our world and well-being so we shouldn’t take these animals for granted as they all play a vital and major role in our society.

Animals do a lot for us humans, while we are busy killing this planet, these animals are busy doing all they can to preserve and keep this planet from being destroyed by our carelessness. We should support and help nature by planting more trees making sure also that we manage the ecosystem.

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