Importance of Feeding and Drinking Troughs for Ruminant Animals and How regularly they should be cleaned

Often times, most ruminant farmers ask: is there any need for feeding and drinking troughs for ruminants? Well first of all, you as a ruminant farmer need to understand that feeds and water for ruminants should not be placed at just any point in the housing unit.

A well designed feeder and drinker should be provided for them therefore this literally means that feeding and drinking troughs for ruminant animals is very necessary as this will help in preserving the quality of the feed and make the animals feeds better.

With regards to what type of material the feeding and water troughs should be made of and the way they should be deigned, the material to be used for feeder and drinker depends on the type of your housing construction and the capital involved. Locally, wood can be used to design feed troughs while metal will be used in designing water trough

In designing, both are raised to the level that will be convenient for the animals to feed and drink water. The feeding and water troughs can also be constructed as part of the housing unit. In this case, concrete and cement is used in the design.

Both are made of a hollow shape attached to the wall of the housing or raised from the floor to a convenient level for the animals. For detailed design, an expert should be constructed.

Concerning how regularly the feeding and water troughs should be cleaned. Ideally, they should be cleaned daily before fresh feed and water is added to them and under no circumstance must one add fresh feed or water to those of the previous day without first cleaning them properly.

However, the material used in the designing will determine whether one will do wet or dry washing. For instance, washing a feeding trough made of wood with water will soon destroy it.

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