Introduction and Establishment of a poultry feed mill production

You must make available Land space of about a plot is of utmost importance with a warehouse of about 50-70m at least 10m high. A one house crusher and half one hour mixer, a bag closer, one 10kg.

Movable scale will be indispensable and not forgetting to mention a 50kva standby Generator to counter the erratic power supply. In addition to the above, a working capital will be needed for raw materials and labor.

Wheat, Sorghum and Cassava chips can account for 45% of the feed formulation

While Wheat offal, Spent grain and Rice bran takes 25%

Bone meal  and Oyster shell accounts for 10%

Fish meal, Blood meal and Soya bean meal accounts for 10% of the total feed

While Salt, Vitamins, Minerals and Premix makes up the remaining 5%

Others are 5%, at least 5 workers in the factory, 2 workers in the store and another 2 workers in the administrative sections. With all these in line, poultry feed mill is found to be a success.

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