Introduction to Materials needed for Snail Feed Formulation

Seasonal and Daily Management Practices for Snail

Before you can start formulating feed for your snails, itis required that you must understand and be able to recognize and identifythose materials when you see them, which is why today, we are going to bediscussing about what the essential raw materials for snail feed formulation ismade up of.

Whatis wheat offal? Its the waste product of wheat duringprocessing, it contains the chaff and glutenous part of wheat seed

Bonemeal: is normal cattle bone or other bone like (goat, pig, etc.)

Fish Meal: Yourfish bones and other part of the fish

Pro Vitaminsand Mineral: You get that from those who sell animal feedas a premix

GroundnutCake: Your common kuli kuli

SoyaBeanMeal: is your main soy bean (Dried and grinded), SBM aspopularly abbreviated is the whole bean ground but soya bean cake is obtainedafter the extraction of oil or milk from the beans

PalmKernel Cake (PKC): It’s the remains of Palm kernel after the oilhas been extracted you can get it in the market

Maize: Is yournormal maize (dry) grind

Oystershell: Is shell of oyster dry n grind

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