Introduction to Snail Farming as a Lucrative Business

Climatic and Environmental Requirements for Snails
  1. What are Snails?

Snails are animals with shells that have the ability to retract into their shell and also craw. The local name for snail in Nigeria is Igbin or Eju. There are so many species/breeds of snails in Nigeria and the world, but the types we are looking at here are the ones that are suitable for commercial Purpose in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Snail is an animal a mollusc with a single spiral shell into which the whole body can be withdrawn. They are usually found in green vegetations.

  • What is Snail Farming?

Snail farming is the process of breeding or rearing snails. Snail farming is also known as Heliciculture or Heliculture.

There are some basic methods of rearing snail which in brief include the following below:

  • Snails Farming Systems

There are two main systems of snail farming. These are: Indoor and Outdoor systems

Indoor System: This system involves raising snails indoors in pens located in a building. The snails are fed a mixture of fresh vegetables, concentrates, and other food materials. The system utilizes little space as the snails could be raised even in trays placed on shelves on the walls. In advanced management, the system allows for temperature regulation, controlled lighting, regular cleaning, and health care.

Out-door System: In this system, snails are raised out-doors on pastures. The snails may or may not be fed. The farmer has little control over the performance of the snails. The snails move about feeding on natural food materials.

A modification of the out-door system is one in which the snails are confined outdoors in enclosures and fed both synthetic and natural diets.

It is easier to control and manipulate snails in this setting. This system fits in very well into the Nigerian farming system.

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