Is Feeding Dead Animals to your Catfishes Right? Find Out

Some catfish farmers often ask questions like: Please I was told that I can dump dead animals in my pond for my fish to consume. Is it ideal?

Well, dumping dead animals in your fish pond is a very good way of contaminating your pond. Truly, some part of the animal will be consumed by your fish, but the remnant will decay and contaminate your pond.

Also, this is another way of introducing disease to your fish since you don’t know the cause of the death of the animal and even if you know, you don’t know the health status of the animal before it death.

So, it is not advisable to throw dead animals into your pond. If at all you must give any animal to your fish, make sure the carcass is fresh and boiled before serving your fish.

A Good Way to Feed Catfish

In catfish farming or any other type of fish farming, feeding is one of the most important things. Some people may think that feed catfish is simply throwing the feed to the pool, but that is not true. Although it may seem easy and simple, there are many things to be considered if you want the catfish to grow well and thriving.

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Feed represents the largest variable cost in catfish production. While the need for more economical feeds is clear, it is imperative that catfish feeds are formulated to be cost-effective, not just less costly. This can be achieved by carefully selecting and blending various traditional and alternative feedstuffs that are suitable for use in catfish feeds.

It is important that using less expensive alternative feedstuffs not degrade the nutritional and physical quality of the feed, fish growth, processed yield, and product quality.

Feed ingredients

Commercial catfish feeds are a mixture of feedstuffs and vitamin and mineral supplements that provide adequate amounts of essential nutrients and digestible energy.

To be suitable, dietary ingredients must be highly digestible, easily handled in the manufacturing process, able to withstand the rigors of the manufacturing process, available on a consistent basis, economical, and contain sufficient nutrients.

Although all feedstuffs contain energy, protein, and other nutrients, they are usually classified as either protein or energy feedstuffs. In animal feeds, those containing 20 percent protein or more are generally referred as protein feedstuffs, and those containing less than 20 percent protein are energy feedstuffs.

Protein feedstuffs are further divided by the source, either animal or plant. There are many feedstuffs that may be nutritionally suitable for use in catfish feeds, but relatively few are readily available on a timely basis and at reasonable cost. Although we will consider all types of feedstuffs, we will focus mostly on protein feedstuffs, as protein is the most costly fraction of catfish feeds.

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Here are some amazing catfish farming books to guide and assist you further:

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