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Laperm Cat Breed Description and Complete Care Guide

LaPerm cats are attractive, have curly hair, and have loving dispositions. They are a relatively new breed, and their wavy coat is the result of a gene mutation that was found in the 1980s.

This breed makes an easy, cuddly cat to live with thanks to its loving, lap cat tendencies and low-maintenance coat. LaPerms make excellent companion animals and adore spending time with their devoted owners.

The LaPerm cat has the most delightful disposition. You only need to meet this adorable cat once to fall in love with it. LaPerm cats are great as family pets because they get along with everyone, even the elderly.

Additionally, they have a natural tendency to form bonds with other animals, particularly other cats and well-behaved dogs. These cats enjoy curling up and finding a quiet spot, whether it be on your lap, next to you, or inside your covers.

The LaPerm might be the best choice if you are looking for a peaceful pet. When this cat does speak, it usually does so in a soft, melodious voice rather than a loud, demanding one. The LaPerm cat is more likely to gently tap you with its paw to get your attention.

These incredible cats are genuinely charming and make friends with everyone who comes into contact with them. If a LaPerm kitten is properly socialized, it’s likely that when it’s an adult, it will welcome new friends with the same warmth or personality as old friends. This medium-sized cat matures at two to three years of age and weighs between 5 and 10 pounds.

The LaPerm is a typical cat, curious by nature, usually a fan of heights, and eager to participate in all activities undertaken by his owners. It enjoys riding on people’s shoulders and will even climb to the top of its cat tree to keep an eye on things.

If you see it opening things with its paws or simply patting your face to get your attention, don’t be shocked. Despite thier high level of activity, they will jump at the chance to sit in your lap and receive affection.

The coat is simple to maintain. They rarely sheds much, but the LaPerm occasionally experiences a heavy shed, following which their coat regrows thicker than before. The only other grooming they requires is routine ear cleaning and nail trimming.

Contrary to what you may have heard, the LaPerm coat is not hypoallergenic because of its curly texture. The dirt and the dead skin cells that all cats shed, causes allergies rather than a specific type of coat.

No breed or crossbreed of cat is more or less allergenic than any other cat, according to scientific research. Certain cats may cause less severe allergic reactions in some people, but no reputable breeder will promise that her cats are hypoallergenic.

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The LaPerm is a good fit for any home with people who will love them and regularly brush their unusual coat. Keep them inside to shield him from traffic, illnesses spread by other cats, and animal attacks.

The LaPerm that was created in 1982 was as a result of a spontaneous mutation in a kitten that was raised on a farm in Oregon. The kitten was born with large, widely spaced ears and a traditional tabby pattern on her skin. She was also bald. She soon started to develop soft, curly hair, though.

The cat, Curly, had numerous kittens of random breeding, many of which frequently inherited her unique coat. Linda Koehl, the owner, started studying breeding and genetics.

She found through carefully controlled breeding that both males and females carry the dominant gene for a curly coat. She was taken aback by the level of interest in the cats when she entered them in a show.

Although Curly, an outdoor cat, eventually vanished, she maintained her existence s in the new breed she created, known as the LaPerm because of the wavy coat.

The International Cat Association and Cat Fanciers Association are two cat registries that accept LaPerms. LaPerm cats are renowned for their curly coats, which are frequently a mixture of soft waves and springy curls, resembling the human perm hairstyle. The majority of LaPerms have relaxed waves on the rest of the body and tight ringlets of hair close to the stomach, neck, and ears.

Although the LaPerm is not actually related to the Devon rex or Cornish rex, the genetic mutation found in Rex Breeds is what gave rise to their distinctive or unique coats.

LaPerm is an affectionate, calm cat who adores cuddling with people. This breed will take every opportunity to join you on the couch for a cuddle. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, these affectionate cats frequently reach out to touch your face with their paws and nuzzle their heads against yours to express their love.

The majority of LaPerm cats are in good health and are not particularly vulnerable to any genetic conditions. The average lifespan of this breed is 10 to 15 years.

According to breeders, the breed is not known to develop specific conditions if properly fed and given space to run and play. Responsible LaPerm breeders will test their kittens for genetic health problems, but it’s crucial to keep all of your scheduled doctor’s appointments and follow your cat’s vet’s recommendations. Health problems can arise later in life and need to be regularly monitored.

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Laperm Cat Breed Maintenance and Care

Laperm Cat Breed Description and Complete Care Guide
Laperm Cat Breed

It’s simple to maintain the LaPerm’s coat. To avoid or get rid of mats or tangles, comb it once per week. They rarely sheds much, but the LaPerm occasionally experiences a heavy shed, following which their coat regrows thicker than before.

The only additional grooming required for the LaPerm is routine nail trimming and cleaning of the ears if they appear dirty. Utilize a gentle cleanser that your veterinarian suggests. For overall health and fresh breath, brush the teeth frequently with a pet toothpaste that has been approved by a veterinarian.

Your cat will eventually accept brushing, nail trimming, and teeth brushing if you start when it is still a kitten. These cats are typically simple to train and enjoy a mental challenge because they are so intelligent. It should be easy to train a cat to use a litter box or a scratching post. Once they have the fundamentals down, they are eager to learn trickier ones that are more difficult.

With this easygoing breed, socialization should be straightforward. Early socialization with humans and other animals makes LaPerm cats more sociable and accepting of strangers.

The LaPerm should consume a diet of premium cat food as advised by your veterinarian. LaPerms are very active, but you should still keep an eye on your cat’s food intake to avoid obesity.

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