Leaf Miner – It’s Symptoms and Damage Prevention

Leaf Miner (Liriomyza spp) affects all species of crops. It is a black and yellow fly, it lays eggs in the leaves. Maggots later emerge from the eggs and dig mines on the leaf surface.

Larvae fall out to change into pupa from which will get out and transform into adult and all these leads to plant loss if the pest attacks at an early stage of the crop.

An adult Leaf miner attacking a crop

Symptoms and Damage

It develops the presence of white marks on the leaf surface.

Damage Prevention

  1. Install insect-proof nets to protect the nursery.
  2. Spraying repellent substances of garlic, onion or red pepper.
  3. Apply selective contact insecticide to kill adults and systemic insecticide to kill maggots.
  4. Perform a shallow ploughing
  5. Remove crop residues.

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