List of Animal Feed Raw-Materials and their Uses

Best Management Practices for Weaners (Young Pigs)

Maize bran: this is an energy feed source. It is low in protein but high in crude fiber and thus can be fed up to 15%, fatteners up to 30% and sows up to 30%. The high-level crude fiber in feed has negative effect on digestion.

Wheat bran: this also provides energy to pigs. It has level of protein, lysine and methionine but very high in crude fiber and the Maximum amount of it allowed in sow feeds is 25%; Fatteners feed should not contain more than 15% because of the negative influence of wheat bran on bacon quality. Piglets feeds should not contain more than 10% because of high crude fiber content, and the low protein value.

Rice bran: the nutritive content of rice bran varies significantly. It is very high in crude fiber content and therefore has great influence of digestibility. A maximum of 10% can be included in feeds for sows, preferably not to be used for piglets and for fatteners the proportion in the feed should not exceed 5% because of negative effects on bacon quality.

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