Maturity Period and Harvesting of Pineapple Fruits

It takes pineapple 9months to be of sufficient mass (dark green in color) to produce a good sized fruit. At this point it is set for artificial inducement.

This period of time for maturity is particular by pineapples propagated by suckers only.
▶Note; it is not advisable to plant pineapple on a lease or rented land because pineapples produce all year round.Plant it on your own land.
▶ Cost Analysis on one acre of Pineapple Farm

Purchase of pineapple suckers of 25,000 pieces is needed for one acre of land under standard planting method at the rate of #30 per each suckers…..

Cost Analysis
👉Purchase of suckers=25,000suckers×#30=#750,000

👉cost of planting per suckers #3×25,000suckers=▶#75,000

👉2 bags of fertilizer is needed▶ #20,000

👉Labor for the fertilizer application▶ #8,000

👉cost of induction chemical ▶#60,000

👉cost of Herbicide▶#30,000

👉cost of labor that will apply the herbicide. ▶#10,000
👉Cost of Transportation▶50,000

Cost Analysis Totaling the sum of.▶#753,000

Future Expectation on one acre of pineapple farm

Minimum price per fruit at local market sold at the rate of #150 per fruit……

Hence: Let’s assumed that 20,000suckers was successfully Germinated and due for harvesting where as 5,000suckers is still under Harvesting due to slow germination or died suckers. So 20,000suckers × #150= #3,000,000 and This is just for the first production of the fruit….

NOTE: (I)Pineapple repeat Production I.e once you plant the suckers it will last for Good 12 years under Good management

(ii) you will have opportunity to Generate suckers from the farm after Second production of the produce

(iii) Induction must be done at appropriate time…..


Under natural condition, that is an un-induced pineapple farm, pineapples is harvested between late April to August. This can be observed around us now. The fruit usually ripens about 5 months after flowering.

 With irregular flowering, harvesting is spread over a long period of time,thereby bringing pineapple production from planting to harvesting between 19-20 months.

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