Newcastle Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Newcastle disease has for several years been recognized as a leading cause of loss to poultry farmers, it’s deadly to birds. In laying birds, Newcastle disease may cause a temporary stoppage of egg production lasting 4-6weeks.

Symptoms: These symptoms are usual in chicks and adult birds for instance: gasping, coughing and rattling in the windpipe, followed in 1 or 2days by characteristic nervous symptoms such as paralysis of legs or wings, twisting of head and neck.

On post mortem examination, there is nothing to differentiate Newcastle disease form other respiratory disease because the windpipe may contain excessive mucus, except the presence of hemorrhage in the proventriculus and cecal tonsils.

Prevention: Poultry farmers should give their baby chicks “Intra Ocular: (i/o) vaccines between “Day Old” to 10 days, before taking them into the farm and must increase sanitary procedures.

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