Piglets Management

The first few hours of the life of a piglet are very important. What you do to the piglet in those hours will determine it’s survival.
– provide a warm housing for piglets (obviously namuimona imbaula pa conner)
– Keep the creep box clean and provide heating. Temperatures of about 20 degrees + (keeping them warm and clean, prevents the stubborn diseases that eliminates them: pneumonia and diarrhea.
– Make sure piglets have access to colostrum (the first milk) which provides them with the required immune system.
– cut the teeth immediately so that piglets will not injure the sow when suckling and keeps it at ease.
– More so, tail dock them to avoid cannibalism.
– Give them the iron injection on the 3rd day. Iron injection is cardinal because piglets are born with limited iron (red blood cells). Ensure pigs kept indoors are supplemented with iron … free-range pigs can get iron from the soil.
– Give them clean water and feed the sow with lactating feed as a supplement for milk production.
– Pigs are clean animals, keep their sty dry and clean, disinfect it at least once a week to keep your production from external infections.

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