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Pomeranian Dogs: Description and Complete Care Guide

Pomeranian dog breed weighs between 1 and 3 kilograms and stands an average height of 8 to 11 inches. Like the previous dog breed we studied, members of this breed are affectionate, considerate, and understanding of their owners. However, canine specialists claim that the Pomeranian reaches the point of maturity in both size and age between 7 and 10 months.

This breed of dog is adorably stylish and courageous. One can be identified by their appearance, including their body type and coat, with ease. They do, however, have a rich, fluffy double coat, prickly ears, a foxy-like face, a tail that is curved up at the back, and a rather square body form.

They have a big ruff around their neck and a lovely, rounded skull. Dogs with thick ruffs can cope with or endure the northern German snowfall. Moreover, they have a distinctive muzzle. They possess a sense of nobility, just like the Shih Tzu dog breeds.

There are numerous variants and hues of this exquisite breed. The breed is most often associated with a deep red, but other colors, including black, white, sable, and even chocolate, are acceptable.

The Pomeranian is naturally sociable, yet they may also be highly aggressive when faced with a threat. The brave nature of this breed is an intriguing trait. Despite its diminutive size, this dog occasionally engages in combat with larger canines without regard for their safety.

They also have speed, and this speed tends to improve with age. Pomeranians are very active, tend to be good alert/alarm dogs, and can be prone to excessive barking, so if you live in a neighborhood where robberies are on the rise, it will do you good to get one. Although they get along well with kids, parents should still set boundaries for how their kids can play with the dog because little dogs aren’t as strong as larger breeds.

Although some Pomeranians prefer to eat a lot but yet maintain their small size due to their activity level, managing a Pomeranian can be less expensive because they don’t require heavy grooming compared to other dog breeds. The double coat does need weekly or biweekly care, with daily sessions during the shedding season.

Despite their diminutive size, they excel at sports and physical activity. However, it is expected of you as a handler to involve your Pomeranian in regular exercise activities. Additionally, they are smart and like acquiring new skills.

Most pet dogs get along well with pomeranians. However, due to the tendency of larger breeds to show their fearlessness, care should be taken to prevent injury to these little breeds.

If socialized from a young age with children, pomeranians can be excellent with them. However, contact with these smaller canines should be closely supervised as they might not be as sturdy as larger dogs.

The Pomeranian will serve you just like any other breed of dog capable of serving as a watch dog for security purposes. Pomeranians, though, are a superior option due to their attentiveness and propensity to bark. Due to their alertness and diminutive size, they are excellent companions for seniors.

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Pomeranian Grooming and Care Guide

Pomeranian Dogs: Description and Complete Care Guide
White Pomeranian

It is expected that you handle them gently in order to mold their behavior and how they respond to strangers so that your dog will act in the manner you desire. But you may do the simple grooming methods listed below to take care of your Pomeranian dog.

(1) Make Their Coat Look Fluffy

Brushing the coat is one of the most popular and important grooming suggestions. Pomeranians’ double-layered coat, which gives them their elegant and endearing appearance, necessitates continuous brushing in order to prevent matting, the accumulation of dirt and extra wax or oils on the skin, or both.

When dry, avoid brushing your Pomeranian’s fluffy coat. Use a hair conditioner or any other approved hair conditioner for dogs before attempting to comb your dog. Use a medium- to large-toothed comb to comb the coat after spraying the conditioner.

(2) Bathing Your Pomeranian

Bathing your dog is even more crucial because it enhances the beauty of his coat (fur). Only give your dog a bath once every three weeks or less, though. Avoid over-bathing! Because excessive bathing irritates the skin in addition to stripping the coat.

Don’t forget to wipe your Pomeranian dog’s coat with a warm, wet towel after bathing him.

(3) Brush Their Teeth

They should clean their teeth at least once a week since dental hygiene is crucial. To make them appear more professional to those who may come into contact with them, do this.


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