Powdery Midew – Symptoms and Disease Control

Powdery Midew is a type of crop disease which affects crops like Carrot, Cucumber, Okro, Tomato, Hot pepper, Sweet pepper, etc.

This fungus brings out a white powder on older leaves from the bottom lower and elder leaves through the youngest at the top of the plant. It is favored by a very high relative humidity and large temperatures variations between day and night and is spread by the wind.

Symptoms and Damage

Some of its symptoms include the following:

  1. Formation of a white powdery film on the leaves. Leaves can dry and become brittle.
  2. On solanaceae, Leveillula induces yellow then brown spots on leaves and a white powdery apparition on the underside of leaves.

Damage Prevention

Some of the major ways or measures by which damage can be prevented or controlled include the following:

  1. Remove weeds and plant residues from the previous crop.
  2. Practice overhead watering
  3. Apply preventive sprays with sulfurs and fungicides on the underside of old leaves.
  4. Sow on raised and well-drained ridges.

Varietal Solutions

Some Varietal solutions include:

Carrot: carrot varieties like: Bahia, Amazonia, F1 Louxor, F1 Japan Cross, Pamela, F1 Talena.

Cucumber: some cucumber varieties like: F1 Antilla (IR), F1 Mondial, F1 Olympic (HR), F1 Tokyo (HR), F1 Tropical, F1 Lina, F1 Nagano, F1 Sirana, F1 Murano.

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