Problems or Constrains of Rabbit Production

Most people are not ready for rabbit production that demands daily care and attention and many don’t see the reasons for keeping the rabbits anyway.

Most people are not aware of the skills needed in rabbit production. Unavailability of improved parent stock that are adaptable to our local conditions

Guidelines on Promoting Rabbit Production

Two methods of promoting rabbits include the formation of rabbit clubs or groups and organizing competitions, some of the suggestions are to study the people and the situation; for instance, are the people ready for rabbits that demand daily care and attention or they rather go for another animal? Consult with village leaders to get their approval and explain your plans for a meeting with interested people.

Encourage an open discussion and agree on the objectives of the club and the reasons for keeping the rabbits.

Don’t talk about rabbits all the time, consider inviting an extension officer or other suitable organization to act as an adviser.

Don’t be disappointed if a club fails; think about why it didn’t succeed and in a few months try again, perhaps with other people in a different village.

Competitions are a useful method of encouraging good rabbit husbandry. People always like to be the best; the best hutch builder, the best rabbit keeper the best rabbit skinner and cleaner, the owner of the best rabbit, etc.

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Commonly Used Rabbit Terminologies

Buck – mature male rabbit Doe – mature female rabbit.

Littler or kittens – young or newborn.

Caecotrophy- the practice of eating a type of fecal pellet produced in the caecum of the large intestine.

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