Mood Effex is a herbal “feel good” dietary supplement that is formulated to stop depression, anxiety, and stress. Our joy-promoting natural formula contains seven (7) proprietary plant-based ingredients, most of which have been used for centuries to reverse the effects of brain chemical imbalance.

Mood Effex was developed as a safe, non-prescription formula to help balance brain chemistry, boost mood, and nourish vital energy. It has no known side effects and can be taken alongside prescribed medications. Best results are noticed within 2-4 weeks of regular use.

Our proprietary formulas are infused with Fulvic Powder, which carries over 70 nutrients and minerals that your body requires, and are deployed within your cells as a nutrient delivery system while reducing the effects of depression and anxiety.

There are no less than 30 trillion cells in your body. Each one plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. One of the most important cycles that keep your body going is that of replacing your cells. When the new cells are created, your body needs to synthesize DNA and this isn’t possible without, you guessed it, minerals.

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