Green Coffee Bean Extract – 800mg (30 Day)



  • One Bottle (2 capsules per day) 60 capsules (800mg). 1 month supply.

Product Details:

Green Coffee Bean Extract contains chlorogenic acid, a fat-blocking and fat-burning substance that is processed out of the coffee you drink or buy in the store. A clinical study showed that adults adding Green Coffee Beach Extract to their otherwise normal diets (averaging 2,400 calories a day) lost 10 percent of their weight and 17 percent of their body fat, on average, after three months:

How exactly does the magic of chlorogenic acid work?

  1. It causes your body to burn glucose and sugar, the source of fat.
  2. It slows the release of sugar into the blood stream.
  3. It burns, blocks and stops fat from accumulating due to the above two actions.
Each capsule contains the optimal daily dosage of 800mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract.

  • 800 mg: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Get started today with Green Coffee Bean Extract. Find out why many are calling this a “Miracle Pill to Burn Fat.”

Why Order From Official HCG?

Because you will be taking in this product daily you should be sure that it is safe and the source is reputable. You need a source that assures you of their products’ quality and vows to keep their word concerning their 90-Day Guarantee and will not give excuses but just pay you back your money.

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