Krush Recovery – Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3 Stack


Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil for Muscle Recovery oil 3 Stack

Krush Muscle and Workout Recovery CBD Oil is the newest addition to the Krush Organics broad-spectrum CBD and hemp oil extract.

Ideal for muscle recovery and bodybuilding workout recovery, our broad-spectrum hemp oil stacks exceptionally well as a late afternoon or evening addition to our Everyday CBD oil for optimal relaxation and all-around function.

Krush Recovery is a full-plant extract broad-spectrum product that’s 100% organic.

Our recovery CBD hemp oil is certified and internationally compliant, designed specifically for the international marketplace to ensure regulatory compliance. Krush Organics uses the complete plant profile to create our premium oil extract blends, resulting in a 1500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – Popular Uses:

  • Muscle Recovery CBD Oil
  • Workout Recovery
  • Bodybuilding
  • Sore muscles
  • As part of your overall fitness regime

We’ve all felt it! A physical workout and muscle-building regime will often leave muscles tired, sore, and inflamed. Learning how to recovery after a workout, or any other form of strenuous exercise enables muscle fiber to heal and recover quickly.

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