Pig farming business can be highly profitable if properly handled and managed. In Nigeria for instance, a fully grown pig can be sold for as much as ₦35,000 naira depending on weight. Assuming if you can raise at least 100 pigs to maturity, you will be able to earn at least ₦3.5 million naira in sales. If you can rear 2000 pigs per year, then you will earn around ₦60 million naira.

Even if you are not in Nigeria, pigs have the highest profit potential of any farm animal because they are inexpensive to feed and maintain, and they produce far more meat than cattle, goats, and sheep! thereby making them highly profitable for the pig farmer.

Did you know that a single piglet (baby pig) can reach a market value of up to $400 dollars in six to eight months for a price of $30 dollars to $50 dollars?

Pigs multiply quickly, which is one of the reasons why pig farming is so profitable. A mature female pig can furrow (give birth to) 8 to 18 piglets at a time. Pigs’ gestation (pregnancy) period is only four months, and sows can furrow up to twice a year.

Pig Farming Business

In general, depending on how you sell the pig’s meat, you can make a net profit of $100-$500 dollars after half a year of farming in the United States (whether you will process its meat or not).
This is because a pound of pork (pig meat) usually costs between $2-4 dollars. Normally, the price per pound is often around $3.5 dollars.

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