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Reasons why Amala (Yam Flour) is good for you

Amala (Yam flour) is a common food consumed in Nigeria especially the Yoruba Clan. This food can be consumed with ewedu (jute) and stew (made from pepper, tomato, palm oil, water).

Uknown to many people, Amala is gotten from yam peels. The peels are dried and thereafter grinded to flour.

Amala (Yam flour) also contains many nutritional health benefits which few people are aware of. This is why our topic today is centered on the amazing health or nutritional health benefits of Amala (Yam flour).

Amala which is often served with Ewedu in english is called ”Jute leaves” popularly reffered to as ”Amala and Ewedu” especially among the Yoruba’s in Nigeria together posses so many health benefits as a very strong and nice combination.

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The Health Benefits of Amala (Yam Flour)

Reasons why Amala (Yam Flour) is good for you

The full health benefits of this kind of meal is good for the well-being of humans. These health benefits are;

(1) Good for diabetes management

Diabetes is a metabolic disease inflicting the society. It has led to deaths of many people and scientists are still finding lasting solution to this problem.

The meal (Amala with ewedu and stew) is a very good meal for diabetic patients because amala (Yam flour) is known for its low glycemic index i.e. it won’t cause rapid rise in blood glucose level of diabetes patients and so won’t cause aggravation of this condition.

In combination with the positive effects of antioxidants found in stew and ewedu, it makes it very good for diabetes management.

(2) Improves cardiovascular diseases

Dietary fiber in Amala (Yam flour) helps reduce low density lipoproteins and pepper used in making stew impedes buildup of cholesterol in the body and finally ewedu is known to have good impact on cardiovascular diseases.

(3) Lowers Cancer Risk

Ewedu and stew have several antioxidants in it and these antioxidants aid in mopping up of pro-oxidants that could instigate cancer.

Beta-cryptoxanthin in red pepper has been investigated and shows it aids in preventing lung cancer that is either caused by direct smoking or second hand smoke that is injurious to health.

Several antioxidants found in ewedu also aid in lowering cancer risk. In addition, Dietary Fibre in amala even reduces risk of having colon cancer by hindering hazardous compounds in food from affecting the colon mucosa.

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(4) Weight loss

Taking an healthy amount of Amala (yam flour) with ewedu and stew is good for weight loss.

Pepper has a chemical compound called capsaicin that could jazz up metabolism, keep immature fat cells from developing and so promotes weight loss.

This ability coupled with ewedu that has low calorie and healthy amount of amala that has low GI supports weight loss.

(5) Builds Immune System

The immune system is stronger when workload on it is reduced and also reduction in rate of oxidative stress in the body.

There are several type of vitamins found in this meal and many antioxidants that help to make possible clearing up of pro-oxidants and simultaneously making the immune system better.

The immune system is necessary for fighting infections so it is very important it is not weak.

(6) Improves eye sight

Vitamin A can be found in Ewedu and pepper coupled with Beta-carotene and these nutrient help in improving eye sight. This indicates that the meal is good for eyes health.

Other benefits that could be profited from consuming such meal are derived from other nutrients such as calcium that helps in stronger bone, zinc that helps in sperm motility, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and several other minerals and vitamin.

In conclusion, it is preferable to incorporate this kind of meal to your normal diet.

Eat Amala meal and Live Healthy.

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