Recommended Plantain Fertilization Methods

In order to produce a heavy bunch, plantains always need some extra nutrients. These can be applied in the form of either inorganic or organic fertilizers (mulch, manure or ash from wood fires).

Inorganic fertilizers have the advantages of easy handling and concentrated nutrients while organic fertilizers are very bulky, yet they manifest many important characteristics as they improve soil retention, weed and erosion control, soil porosity and biological activity.

The application of fertilizers should start 1month after the planting of plantains or with the first rains in an already existing field, please note that no fertilizer should be applied during the dry season as it will not decompose properly.

The fertilizer is applied around the plant in a circle of about 50cm in diameter, also ensure that fertilizers is not worked into the soil as that causes extensive damage to the superficial root system.

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