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What is the Remedy for Goat Kid White and Yellow Loose Motion

In this article, we are going to be discussing the remedy for baby goat kid white and yellow loose motion. White and yellow loose motion in goat kids is the germs causing what we call colibacillosis, which is normally present in sick goats.

When goat kids eat food or drink water they can easily fall sick.

They will become very weak, depressed and they will not be able to eat food.

They now tend to have watery, whitish, yellowish, or greyish diarrhea which is known as a white scours.

We are also going to be talking about scours in this article. Watery yellow scours is the main cause of the running yellow poops in baby goats which we know to be overindulging on milk, it is also called milk scours.

Most of the time they produce extra rich milk or too much milk for only a few babies which will make the babies to overfeed.

When you have your goats, the sheet is what must happen, your goat sheets or poops can tell you a lot about your goat’s health i.e you can use the poops of your goats to determine their health status.

When you begin to notice that your goat sheets move from healthy pellets to something else, it is very important you pay or give them close attention and make sure you are seriously on top of it.

Note: when we make use of the word “pellets” in this article, we are simply referring to a small, compressed, hard chunk of something (goat sheet).

Healthy goat poops are normally pellets, goat poops or sheets should be in form of evenly shaped pellets, and should incase your goat poops are not in this shape, that means you may have a problem at hand.

There are what we call pointy pellets which can be missed but they tend to cause some head-scratching, the pellets are mostly normal but they form a point.

Pellet log or clumps happens when your goat eats too much of food, or you change the feed, or at the beginning of an illness.

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It is good to keep an eye out to identify the goat having the clumpiest poops, when your goat pellet starts to stick together and clump, keep an eye on it.

Diarrhea or scours can be very dangerous and harmful to your goats because diarrhea and scours tend to cause your goat to dehydrate easily and quickly and immediately this start to happen or you notice this happening make sure you stop feeding them with grains immediately, always check their temperature to confirm if it could be as a result of an infection (fever) or a rumen shutting down i.e below normal temperature.

Just try to know the cause of those diarrhea and scours all by yourself, if you cannot develop a solution to it or treat them by yourself, then you need to call for a veterinary doctor.

Make sure to keep your goats well hydrated with what we call electrolytes and try to put an end to the scours with kaolin-pectin or some herbal supplements.

What is the Remedy for Goat Kid White and Yellow Loose Motion
baby goat kid

According to vets i.e experts in the field of animal husbandry, the first stools of baby goats are called meconium which tends to be very dark. They are almost black, thick, and very sticky.

Later on, the baby goat will now have a yellow pasty poop that progresses to yellow pellet logs after a few days, then, when they start to grow their poops will change over to pellets and then change over to brown.

It is advisable that abnormal poop in baby goats should be taken very serious because they normally indicate an illness that could make them fall very fast or easily.

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As earlier said the cause of running yellow poops in baby goats is overindulging in milk which is called milk scours, times the dam can be producing extra rich milk, too much for a few babies, and the baby will overeat, if the baby goats are on bottle, it means cutting them back on the milk you are feeding them with and if they are with their mom you can try pulling their mom out and milking her down at least once in a day.

But if the scours continue or even get worse, you can consult a veterinary doctor as soon as possible.

When it comes to baby goats, any scours can be dangerous, you must pay attention because many of these scours indicate an illness that could kill them quickly.

The following are some scours baby goats undergo;

1. Dark foul-smelling scours

2. Bright, yellow, or green water scours

3. Watery yellow scours

4. Watery scours

When scours affect goats, they appear to be very weak and depressed, they might likely stop eating and become dehydrated, with improper treatment, the baby goat will suffer illness and die.

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When you have a baby goat with diarrhea is a common but very serious problem that may result in the death of your goat kid if you do not give them proper treatment, it is very common among bottle-fed baby goats.

Always try to identify the symptoms of a baby goat’s diarrhea. Also try to develop the habit of the regular inspection of your goat kid pen every time you are in the pen to quickly identify kids that are suffering from diarrhea.

Then try to separate the sick kids from all other goats then assess the goat kids physical condition.

You can use a rectal thermometer to take your baby goats’ temperature, their normal temperature varies from 101.5 to 105 degrees with diarrhea in goat kids.

Therefore, you can pinch your goat’s skin along her neck, if the skin remains pinched then your kid goat is seriously dehydrated and needs immediate ora rehydration with electrolytes to be able to replace the body fluid lost through the scours.

You must provide scours treatment in the form of oral electrolyte fluid for your kid goats.

If your goat kids happen to show a sign of severe dehydration and would not drink the electrolytes from a bottle, then quickly take the goat kid to a veterinarian because the goat kid may need subcutaneous or intravenous rehydration to prevent the death of the goat.

The following are the remedy for white and yellow loose motion;

1. They should be given fresh clean water to prevent dehydration

2. Always put your goats in quarantine to keep other goat clean and prevent a possible disease from spreading

3. Most important, electrolytes alternated with clean water or both of them

4. Keep bedding always clean

5. Provide your veterinarian with a stool sample

6. Probiotics will help to balance the rumen by introducing good bacteria

In conclusion, when goat kids have stomach diseases their droppings usually become soft, watery, smelling, and colourish, this can be as a result of warms and poisonous plants, rift valley fever, Johne’s disease, coccidiosis, and paratyphoid.

The causes of scours may include stress or travel, illness, lush grass etc. consistency is a very good key to keeping your goat rumen healthy, and always try to be aware of changes in your goat kids.

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