Routine Activities for better Poultry Production Performance

Routine activities are those activities which are carries out on daily, weekly and even on monthly basis. This is where some farmers or farm managers do mix a lot of things together just because they don’t know what to do either on daily, weekly and even on monthly basis. But dear readers, don’t panic you are at the right place at this time.

In this article I will explain in details the activities you will need to carry out on your farm that will make your birds thrives well, that is, what will support you to get maximum production from your farm. These activities are called ROUTINE.

What does the word Routine means? Routine simply means ways of doing things in a regular manner or common place, tasks, chores, or duties as it must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical on everyday activity.

Therefore these routine or activities will be grouped into three, they will be arranged according to way they are being carries out.

Dailyactivities or routine which enhances your poultry productionperformance

Whatdo you think this will be? Well this are the activities you carry outin the farm on daily basis, no matter little or how small they arethey must be carry out.

Failure in doing this may result tonegative effect in the lives of animals in the farm. These routineinclude Water, Feeding and Eggscollection.

Follow these Day to Day Routine guidelines to keep your birds healthy and growing:

A:Daily Routine Activities:

1.Water improves poultry production performance: Servethem clean water in the right containers daily

Watercontainers for chickens are cheap and can be bought at the localco-op. You can also use a large flat bowl or container, but put somerocks in it so that the young chicks don’t drown.

Rememberto change the water every day many poultry diseases are carried bydirty water.

Weall know that water must be given to poultry birds every day. Mindyou, not ordinary water but fresh water from reliable source. Cleanwater containers with a small hand brush before refilling them withfresh water is very good.

2.Quality feeding enhances poultry production performance

Feeding is another routine that are very important and must be carry out every day, do not over feed and as well under feed them. Feed the ad libitum (Constantly)

If you do, you will run into shortage and this is not good for business farming system. Pelleted feeds can stay fresh for a week inside a hopper so that they are dispensed and  lib as the hens require food, however it will soon go moldy and cause disease if it is not kept dry.

Place food containers under cover or purchase a rain hat to keep the rain off.

3. Eggs collection improves poultry production performance

Collectionof eggs is another activity we do carry out every day in the poultry,in some farm, eggs are main purpose of setting up such farm.

Soit is very important to collect eggs every time since production offowl is our target, some time up to three times a day. Collect eggsand keep an eye out for broody hens over the spring and summermonths.

4.Washing drinkers and feeders will help your poultry productionperformance a lot

Remember,one of the rules in keeping poultry system is hygiene, hygiene playimportant role in poultry farm.

So, washing drinkers andfeeders are important to keep poultry birds in good condition andhealthy. Dirty drinkers and feeder housed agent of disease, they helpin spreading diseases in the poultry so to avoid this they must bekept clean at all time.

5.Supervise your chickens daily: Close Observationaffects the poultry production performance of your farm

Probably the best way of keeping your chickens healthy is by keeping an eye on them and reacting quickly if something goes wrong.

I know most poultry farmers have other businesses or jobs they do to support themselves thereby leaving their birds in the hands of their attendants. Despite this fact, I will strongly encourage you to try and make out some time to ensure you visit your farm from time to time to ascertain that things are not going wrong with your investment.

This is the most important routine under this category, which I observed diligently. Spent quality time with the birds ever day so as to identify any condition from and among them.

In my own situation I spent between 30 minutes and one hour every day to observe them very well.

Mainly when you feed them, they must all rush toward food and do eat, so any one that do not run towards feed is sick, so isolate and give genuine treatment.

B:Weekly Routine Activities:

Theseare the activities carry out in the farm on weekly basis, ashighlighted above that daily activities are essentials, as wellweekly routine cannot be underrated.

Here are some of theweekly activities you need to carry out in your farm:

1.Cleaning droppings improves poultry production performance

This is another thing to do every week, to some farmers this is a dirty work. Generally, this is done manually and must be remove every week irrespective of caging system you are using.

Accumulated dropping produces ammonia gas which may result to the springing up of any related diseases in the farm, therefore to avoid this they should be removing weekly.

2.Chicken houses affect production performance of your birds

The house should be cleaned out at least weekly to prevent a buildup of organic matter, which puts your birds at more risk from respiratory problems and disease

Provide a safe enclosure for your birds

Although chickens can wander about the farmyard during the daytime, they should have a safe place to sleep at night. You can easily make a chicken hutch out of wooden poles and chicken wire, with a corrugated iron or thatch roof.

Build it on slightlysloping ground and dig a drain around it so that it does not getflooded when it rains. Put perches or branches inside for thechickens to roost on, as they often get sick if forced to sleep onthe ground.

Providing perches andcleaning away bushes and long grass around the hutch also protectspoultry from rats and snakes.

Asyou have to put the chickens in the hutch at night and let them outin the morning, you will be checking twice a day that they arehealthy.

Theyare very common and the sooner you find them, the easier it is to getrid of them.

Providethem with Hygienic surroundings

Chicken manure can be composted for use in vegetable or flower gardens, but can be a source of disease if it is allowed to build up.

Flies breed rapidly where chickens roost; keep the area as clean as possible to keep your birds healthy. Always remove and bury dead birds.

Poultry Routine Practices
Poultry Routine Practices

C.Monthly Routine Activities:

Theseare the activities which are carry out once in a month, though theyare to carry out one time in a full month, yet they are veryimportant.

1.Medication affects poultry production

Vaccinate and Prevent Disease
Newcastle disease is a virus that is deadly to non-vaccinated chickens. It can kill your entire flock in a very short time.

Aside from Newcastle disease, there are also other diseases that can kill your birds in their numbers. Therefore your best option is to ensure that you always vaccinate your birds when due.

I don’t fail to do this since I started poultry business, I make a routines and is working for me and my birds. What do I mean? Every month I do administer some drugs to my birds depending on the type of birds at hand at a particular time

Be it cockerels, broilers and layers, I don’t joke with it and I will never joke with it. From first to third day of every month I do administer antibiotic, at time up to day five of the month depending on the direction of the drugs. Then between 12th and 14th day of every month I do administer multivitamins to complement their feed.

Inthe case of the layers in the farm, certain vaccine is administeronce every month, this vaccine is called LASOTA, this is mainly toimprove their immune system and to keep them in good condition andhealthy.

Aside these, to every birds in my farm, I de-worm them once in every month. I lay my hands on any dewormer from the veterinarians shop.

Theseare the collection of routines I do carry out in my poultry farm,either daily, weekly and even monthly basis, if you do the same youwill enjoy and keep doing the same thing, thanks for reading.

Doyou have any routine jobs I have missed from this list? Please leaveme a comment below.

Runninga successful poultry operation, even one aimed at feeding you andyour family, can be quite difficult even when things run smoothly.

But it canbecome very tough indeed if you have to deal with sickly chickens.

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