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Shih Tzu Dogs: Description and Complete Care Guide

Shih Tzus are petite, attractive dogs that are slightly taller than they are in body length. With their lovely eyes perched on their skull, they have a very broad, round head. Without a doubt, Shih Tzus are bred primarily as companion animals. On the other hand, they have broad, rounded eyes that are both black in hue but slightly lighter on liver and blue dogs. They have large ears that resemble pendants. They are well-built, with flat backs and straight, well-boned muscles on their legs.

The bottom is not reached by their claws. The long, double coat of the Shih Tzu dog breed is also shaggy-like. Frequently, a topknot is worn in the hair over the eyes. The hair on the muzzle is short, and there is a thick beard and mustache. All hues of coat are available.

You can tell a Shih Tzu dog is just pure royalty when you see one. However, Shih Tzu dog breeds are also incredibly playful and require exercise to keep them going, just like every other dog breed. You can just take them for a short stroll. In general, dogs who do not exercise physically every day are more likely to exhibit behavioral issues.

They will also like a nice romp in a secure, unrestricted area without a leash, such a sizable, fenced-in yard. This breed should not be overfed because it will quickly put on weight.

Shih Tzu dogs are incredibly energetic and active, and despite how small they may appear, they have everything it takes to make an excellent watchdog. Due of their sense of activity and loyalty, they were once utilized as watchdogs. Even in the modern age, people still utilize this kind of dog for security purposes. This dog breed is extremely sociable, but only with those who or things who do not pose a threat to them.

As was already said, they are quite affectionate and kind, as well as intelligent and enjoy traveling with other animals. As they constantly demand attention and subject other pets and their handlers to their own orders, they have a sense of royalty. The Shih Tzu requires pack leadership from every human in the home and continuous communication of the rules.

Shih Tzu Dogs: Description and Complete Care Guide
Black shih tzu

This dog frequently exhibits Small Dog Syndrome, a condition where the dog thinks he is in charge of humans because of its small stature and lovely face.When owners let their dogs take charge, they may become astonished or irritated and become snappish.

Different kinds of behavioral problems are brought on by this, including separation anxiety, guarding, snarling, snapping, and even biting. These dogs try to tell people what they want from them, thus they can become unreliable with kids and occasionally even adults. They will steadfastly take a stand and protect their dominant position within their industry.

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When trying to communicate their wants to you, they could bark repeatedly. These habits are caused by how they are handled by those around them and are not characteristics of Shih Tzu dogs. Set guidelines and restrictions on what this dog is permitted to do. Be the pack leader for him—firm, steady, and reliable. Walk it every day to expend mental and physical energy. His disposition will change

Due of their long backs and small legs, they are more susceptible to spinal disc degeneration and slipping stifles. Ear infections, eye conditions like cherry eye, and early tooth loss are additional risks. has breathing problems, a tendency to wheeze, and to snore. Since these dogs easily put on weight, they shouldn’t be overfed.

Shih Tzu Dog Grooming Care Guide

Shih Tzu Dogs: Description and Complete Care Guide
Black and White shih tzu

Every day, this tiny puppy needs to be combed with a bristle brush. When a dog is wearing a long coat, a topknot is frequently tied to keep hair out of its eyes. Some owners prefer to get them cut to make the coat easier to care for and require less effort. Keep your ear canals and the region around your eyes clean. Shih Tzus’ fragile eyes need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

You can buy specific drops to utilize in them if you need to. How ought my dog to be handled? Consult a veterinarian. If the breed’s coat is kept in top shape, they have little to no hair loss and very little skin dander, which is helpful for allergy patients.

(1) Brushing

Shih Tzu dog breeds have a flat, hard coat and average levels of shedding. As a result, brushing your dog once a week helps keep him looking neat and reduces the amount of hair that blows around your house. You can use a rubber brush or a grooming glove to brush your dog’s coat.

(2) Bathing

Consideration should be given to bathing your dog because it is a crucial part of grooming. At least once every six weeks, give them a bath. After playing in the yard, if they seem dirty, you can bathe them. Don’t wash them with human shampoo. You’d be wise to ask a skilled dog groomer for advice on the best shampoo to use.

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(3) Dental Care

In order to avoid your dog contracting a canine ailment, dental care for dogs is typically highly important and should be handled seriously as a dog owner. Dental hygiene should not be disregarded. Gum disease, which can potentially harm key organs like the heart, can develop from dental plaque and infections.


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