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List of Short Legged Cat Breeds and their Description

Some breed of cats has been referred to as the short legged cat breeds due to their nature, for instance, the Munchkin which is commonly referred to as the sausage cat is a breed of cat that is recognized by its unusually and naturally small legs, which result from a genetic abnormality.

It was first described in the 1940s and gained formal recognition in 1991, making it a relatively young breed when compared to many other cat breeds. The Munchkin is thought to have been the first type of dwarf cat.

Naturally, the Munchkin cat is regarded as a small breed. They stand between 5-7 inches tall due to their legs being around 3 inches shorter than those of a typical domestic cat. They appear little, are light in weight, and benefit from their small stature. Despite their lack of size, they are nevertheless powerful tiny cats.

A Munchkin cat typically weighs between 4 and 9 pounds. They have incredibly light, flexible bodies. Munchkins often maintain a healthy weight and receive enough exercise without much difficulty. They adore cuddling up together, but they also enjoy playing and jumping around the home.

Munchkin cats don’t have any significant health issues despite the breed being the result of a natural genetic mutation. Munchkin cats have a 12- to 15-year lifespan when given the correct care.

The Munchkin cat is very friendly, lively, and smart. Despite having the appearance of a constant kitten, they are open to learning from you and adopting your patterns.

The social Munchkin cat gets along well with people, other cats, and dogs. They enjoy playing with others, especially since they are so active and curious. These cats are wonderful family pets since they get along so well with kids.

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List of Short Legged Cat Breeds

Short Legged Cat Breed Description and Complete Care Guide

The term dwarf breed refers to cat varieties with short legs, which have gained popularity in recent years. They can have long hair, short hair, or none at all and go by the names sausage cat, dwarf cat, or tiny cat.

As they were bred to remain small, the Munchkin breed is mostly responsible for all of this, most of the breeds in this article are a mix of Munchkin and another breed.

1. Munchkin Cat Breed

Everyone loves the cute Munchkin cat. These various cats are very cute, with their normal-sized bodies and very tiny short little legs.

2. Genetta Cat Breed

A dwarf breed of cat called a Genetta has a spotted or marbled coat that looks like an African leopard. It has a wild appearance that is highly well-liked throughout the country. This loving and active short-legged cat breed is a cross of Bengals, Savannas, and Munchkins.

They enjoy using the paintball gun and will frequently spend hours chasing balls around the home. These cats adore cuddling and tend to be close to their human family members despite their wild appearance. They generally live for about 9 to 12 years.

 3. Minuet Cats Breed

There are long-haired and short-haired varieties of the Minuet cat breed, which was formerly known as the Napoleon. Since breeders originally developed it in 1995, it is relatively new.

It features a round face, a short nose, short legs, and a dense coat. Children love this breed because of its caring and playful personality. They generally live for about 9 to 15 years.

4. Dwelf Cat Breed

The Dwelf cat is a social, hairless breed that likes being near people. It frequently spends time on your lap or other warm places in your home because it has no hair. It has a curled tail and small legs.

Although these cats are growing in popularity, some experts are concerned that because of their small legs and lack of fur, breeding them might be unlawful. 8 to 12 years is usually their lifespan.

5. Skookum Cat Breed

Although the Skookum cat breed has only been around since the 1990s, its popularity is growing rapidly. This little cat is really joyful and playful. It loves to curl up on your lap and will chase a paper ball or a flashlight for hours at a time.

These clever cats enjoy playing with children and are capable of learning many tricks. They come in just about any color or pattern, with their short legs. They tend to live for about 10 to 15 years.

6. Kinkalow Cat Breed

The Kinkalow cat is a cute breed with curled ears and short legs. The American Curl and Munchkin cat breeds have been combined to create this very affectionate and jovial cat that the whole family will adore.  They typically live between 10 and 15 years.

7. The Minskin Cat Breed

The practically hairless Minskin cat breed comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Its small body is accompanied by short legs and big eyes. It has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years and is reasonably healthy, maintaining a kitten-like appearance throughout.

Although they are still somewhat uncommon and may be difficult to find, these friendly cats are becoming more and more popular.

8. The Bambino Cat Breed

The Bambino cat breed is an all-blue-eyed, hairless cat that may catch your eye from a distance. Their skin may resemble fur despite the fact that they lack hair.

They have short legs and a variety of colors, including brown, black, white, and cream. Although these smart cats enjoy cuddling, they are also crafty when they need something. 12 to 15 years is the average lifespan.

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9. The American Curl Cat Breed

Named for its distinctively curled ears, is one of the most well-known in both America and the rest of the globe. Its short legs and ears are the product of genetic mutations, but it is otherwise healthy and will make a wonderful companion for at least 13 years. It looks like an owl due to its curled ears, making it a pleasant playmate for both children and adults.

10. Lambkin Cat Breed

The Lambkin cat breed is renowned for its love of cuddling with family members.  They are affectionate and allow you to carry them about the house.

It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and occasionally, the fur can be rather long and dark, which makes it cuddly with its tiny legs. They typically have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. The simplest breed to locate is the American curl cat. The Munchkin and Bambino shouldn’t be too challenging either.

Unless you reside in the southern United States or prefer to keep your home quite warm, it is advised to avoid hairless breeds. All of the breeds that have been listed in this article, will make fantastic pets and a lovely addition to your household pets.

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