Snail Housing and Equipment’s

Sometimes, intending snail farmers complain that they cannot start their snail farm due to lack of space or financial issues but the truth is that you can make it even with lesser fund than you could imagine.

                                              (Car used tyre for snail farming)

  • Car tyres can be used for snail farming, you can line up about 4 car used tyres and may repeat into 3 different places, buy point of lay snails (POL): these are snails that are capable of laying eggs like 30pieces of them and place 10 pieces in each car tyre housing basically if you are going for Achatina Achatina snails because it produces about 150 snails each and it goes like 3 rounds in a year.

Now let us do the maths together: 150 x 3 = 450 pieces right? Which means that each snail of the 30 active snails will give you 450 snails every year, the most important thing about snail farming is that it lays and hatches within 23 to 30 days.

                                                                 (Hutch Boxes)

  • Hutch Boxes Description: Hutch boxes are square or rectangular single or multi-chamber wooden boxes with lids, placed on wooden stilt above the ground at a suitable height for easy handling.

The stilts should be fitted with plastic or metal conical protectors or aprons to prevent vermin (predators) from crawling or climbing up the stilts to attack the snails in the boxes.

In the middle of the lid is an opening covered with wire netting and nylon mesh. The lid should be fitted with a padlock to discourage pilfering. In the floor of the box are few holes through which excess water can drain out. The boxes are filled with sieved black soil to a depth of 18-25cm. The boxes should obviously be well protected from scorching sun or torrential rain.

                                                                  (Trench Pens)

  • Trench Pens: they are dug; there are different types of trench pens which include those that are dug in and those that are dug out. A carpentry work and a bricklaying works are needed and with a pen of 5 x 5 (25 square meters) you can house up to 150 snails if they are still small in size.

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