Sorting of Catfishes, The importance, How often it should be done and How it is done

In the course of raising fish whatever feed you give them and no matter your kind of management, fish are not likely to row at the same rate. Some will definitely grow faster than the other thus becoming bigger.

Most of the time, bigger fishes do feed on the smaller one. So to prevent this, it is therefore necessary to sort your fishes. Sorting involve the process of separating the bigger fishes from the smaller ones. Sorting will also increase market price of your fish because you will have the opportunity of selling smaller and bigger fishes separately at your own time and price.

How often to sort your fishes

This depends on the number and how overcrowded they are. If they are properly stocked for instance: using the normal stocking density then you may not have to sort more than once a month.

However, I have had reason to sort once in every two weeks because the fish stocked in the pond were so many that the size disparity is easily noticed within two weeks. So if you have stocked correctly, sorting once in a month will not be too small. However, there may be no need for sorting again after all of them have reached a size when none can feed on the other.

The best time of the day to do sorting

Sorting is best done when the fish will not pass through too much stress. So early in the morning or late in the evening is recommended. However, whatever time is chosen, they should be starved for some hours prior to sorting so as to prevent crisis.

How sorting is done

To sort, you have to drain the water from the pond and then divide the fish into groups based on their sizes. You will need some bows where you will put them during sorting. After separating them based on their sizes, you then return them back into their different pond according to their matching sizes.

You can choose to have 2, 3, or even 4 different size groups. This is another thing that should be considered before having a fish pond because a lot of water and some other empty ponds that will be used for sorting therefore prepare adequately for the water to use.

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