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The 10 Best Business Ideas on Agriculture

Every Investor or Entrepreneur ventures into any business of his/her choice including Agriculture with one thing in mind which is to make profits.

With that in mind, today we are going to discuss about the top money making business ideas in agricultural sector:

1. Organic Farm Green House and Home Gardening

The demand for organic products is growing fast. This is so because such products are considered healthy and clean from chemicals and pesticides.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a profitable future in agriculture business industry, starting an organic farm greenhouse is an idea that you can consider.

2. Poultry Farming

Chickens are widely consumed in almost all parts of the world. The good thing is that it is a highly thriving business that offers great profit margins.

In Poultry Farming as a business idea, apart from the chicken, the supply of eggs is also a big income source for poultry farmers.

3. Mushroom Farming Business

Mushrooms grow naturally and are a good source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Some, however, are non-edible and poisonous. It is important that you essentially know the edible mushrooms and avoid the gathering of the dangerous type.

The profit margin is handsome. You can start your own mushroom farming if you have enough space. You’ll sell your mushrooms to hotels, exporters, and medicine making companies.

4. Hydroponic Retail Store

Want to try innovative technology in farming? if yes, then Hydroponic farming is the right idea for you. It is actually a new way of planting without soil.

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The 10 Best Business Ideas on Agriculture

5. Bee Keeping Business

One of the top money making agriculture business ideas is beekeeping. The best part is that it doesn’t require a big start capital.

You know that the demand for honey is high. Not only you’ll sell honey to the VIPs nearby but also package and send it to both the local and international market.

6. Snail Farming

Snail farming is about raising snail for human consumption. Their meat has been proved to be safe and delicious.

The business requires you to have a good knowledge of snails and the technology that would help you take care of snails. The best period to get this business started is the rainy season.

7. Fruits and Vegetables Export

One of the most profitable agriculture business opportunities is growing and selling fruit and vegetables. If you can’t grow enough of them, you can start collecting them from the local farmers.

Without fruit and vegetable, we can’t live a day. And this shows the high demand. Hence, if you’re a person who wants to make money, should give a try to fulfilling the market demand for fruit and vegetables.

8. Fish Farming

Many people have made their fortune from the fish farming business. It is a business that thrives if you have the right structure in place.

You’ll need to get some space, buy or construct tanks and choose a fish breed to farm. The initial startup capital is relatively high.

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9. Rice Farming

Rice is a good crop to cultivate because it is consumed in all part of the world. The huge demand makes rice farming a popular agricultural crop business.

If you live an area where the climate and soil condition support the growth of rice, you’re lucky to have the option to get into one of the top agriculture business ideas.

10. Agricultural products export from villages

The farmers in rural areas produce different agriculture products and look for wholesale buyers. This makes a good business opportunity for people who understands the fundamentals of the export business process.

It is a highly rewarding business. You, however, will need to invest good money initially.

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