The Best method of Raising Ruminants: Intensive and Extensive? Find out

People say that sheep and goat that are not allowed to roam about on a free range don’t perform well. Is it true? Well I don’t want to agree with that. Rather, I will like to put it that sheep and goat in an intensive way will need better management in terms of feeding and disease prevention than those that are allowed to roam.

In fact, allowing these animals to roam could be very risky as they are exposed to the danger of theft, accident, maiming etc. so, housing them under good management is the best because often times some ruminant farmers will come up with complains like “I love keeping sheep and goat, but my area is prone to theft, what can I do”?. From this question, am sure that you will understand that the farmer in question is referring to the extensive system of raising the intending sheep and goats.

This exposes them more to the danger of theft. Therefore, I will strongly suggest that you construct housing for them where they will have some expanse of land to roam during the day and a conducive pen for them to sleep at night. This will reduce theft cases. You should also improve on your security measures. However, if your area is such that you cannot construct any housing where you can house them, it is better you do not venture into raising them so that you do not labor for others to reap.

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