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The Main Causes of an Egg Embryo Death

Certain features are usually associated with the different causes of an egg embryo death also known as embryonic mortality or poor management operations.

The Main Causes of an Egg Embryo Death

The Main Causes of an Egg Embryo Death

1. Failure to hatch following piping may be due to insufficient moisture.

2. Hatching too soon and malformed chicks may arise from excessively high temperatures.

3. Weak chicks may result from overheating the incubator.

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4.“Mushy”chicks may be caused by too low an average temperature and poor ventilation of the incubator; the chicks get weak, drowsy, and puffed up and death occurs shortly.

5. Blood rings in broken-out shells suggest early embryonic death and may be due to either high or too low an incubator temperature, incorrect fumigation, or wrong storage of eggs.

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