The Reproductive Rate of Sheep and Goat

As a ruminant farmer or an intending ruminant farmer, you need to be well aware of the reproductive rate of any ruminant animal you would like to go into as this will guide and enable you understand exactly what you are actually venturing into and how long it is going to take you before you can get back your return on investment.

I always advice farmers never to invest or venture into any kind of Agricbusiness simply because they see their neighbors or friends doing it and they are turning out well, please understand that your expectations and the persons own are not the same. Therefore always carry out a detailed research study of any form of agricbusiness investment you wish to embark upon to know if it is something you would be willing to do before venturing into them.

The normal gestation period of sheep and goat is 5months. This means that there are some of them that could deliver twice a year. Commonly, a farmer should expect three deliveries in two years. Sheep do deliver twins commonly.

They occasionally deliver 3 or 4 lambs which is very rare. however, good female goat usually follow the trend of delivering one at the first year, 2 at the second year, 3 at the third year, 4 at the fourth delivery. Some of them will maintain this for some time and when old, they begin to follow the same trend down, for instance 4,3,2,1 until their ability to reproduce is no longer economical.

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