Things NOT to do when the animal is giving birth

Things NOT to do when the animal is giving birth

By Marshal Agrovet consultancy

Many people interfere with birth too early or when it is unnecessary causing more harm than good. Allow the cow, sheep or goat sufficient time and quietness to deliver her calf, lamb or kid.

Do not chase or cause stress to the animal before and during birth, making the dam nervous can disrupt labor and delay birth by many hours.
Do not interfere before the water has broken; as long as the water has not broken the calf/lamb/kid will stay alive inside the mother for a long time (up to 12 hours). If there seems to be no progress at all after the waterbag has become visible (= the waterbag does not move through the vulva and the water does not break) you must wait at least one hour before checking the position of the calf.

Things NOT to do when the animal is giving birth

If birth progresses normally do not attempt to pull. Unnecessary pulling can easily cause injury to the newborn and the mother.

When the animal relaxes, do not try to pull out the calf/lamb/kid by force, labour happens at intervals and you are not supposed to pull when the mother rests; hard pulling on the calf/lamb/kid can easily cause prolapse of the uterus which frequently causes death of both, the mother and the young.

If the afterbirth does not come out normally do not try to put your hands in and don’t try to pull it out, you will cause damage and bleeding to the uterus and may easily infect yourself with Brucellosis by touching the placenta.

When you see milk drops on the teats, do not start to milk the cow before calving, this will make her colostrums useless for the calf.

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