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Tomato Farmer’s Insight on Tomatoes Production

Did you know that during hot weather conditions tomatoes take only between 55 to 65 days to start ripening from transplanting?

What does this imply to you as a tomatoes farmer and your yield expectations?

This can mean a loss or profit depending on how you handle your feeding program.

Nutrients and water are key to your good yield at this point.

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You need to take note.

That under good management, tomatoes start flowering at exactly 14 days to 21 days from transplanting. So ensure at this stage, plants get enough phosphorus and nitrogen rich fertilizer to support root development and branches to form. The secret, the more the branches the more the flowers which translates into more fruits.

At 23 to 30 days from transplanting, expect fruits on your tomato plant if you are managing them well.
So what do you do. Give them something rich in Potassium do that your fruits grow bigger and faster and also to ensure the plants continue flowering. The best option on the 4th week is NPK 17:17:17 or Yara Mila winner (this is my best option)

When fruits rich the size of an egg, ensure there is calcium in your fertilization program for example, CAN (CALCIUM AMMONIUM NITRATE) or Easy grow Calcium. To help you get rid of blossom end rot before it even appears.

In all you do, ensure water is given adequately to your plants. The more the moisture available, the less the flower abortion, faster growth rate, and better plant performance.

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