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Top 5 Principles of Breeding in Poultry Production

The Top 5 fundamental principles of scientific breeding in poultry production are:

Top 5 Principles of Breeding in Poultry Production

1. Breeding should be purposeful: the breeder should have a clear focus on the traits to which the animals are to be bred e.g. egg production or weight of broiler

2. Parents to be used for breeding purposes must be as nearly purebred as possible in order to be able to breed true.

3. A selection must be carried out continually and carefully, both in regard to mating and culling of inferior progeny. Selected animals to become parents in the next generation and the number of progeny they will be allowed to contribute.

4. Breeding should be done by parents that conform as closely as possible to the required standard. This is because the objective of selection for performance or qualitative trait is to increase the frequency of the combinations of genes that permit the animal that is most suitable for the given environment.

5. Environmental conditions play an important part in breeding. Conditions that are as near the ideal as possible should be created in respect of housing, feeding, health, and general care.

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