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Types of Propagation Methods

There are two (2) major types of propagation methods namely; Sexual propagation methods and Asexual propagation methods.

1. Sexual Propagation

This is a method of plant propagation involving the fusion of distinctly different sex cells (male, female) to produce a plant.

The fusion of sex cells allows the exchange of genetic materials leading to heterogeneity and fthe formation of hybrids, which vary widely in their appearance, physiological status, etc. and conforms on the emerging plants diverse adaptation to varying environmental growth conditions.

2. Asexual (Vegetative) Propagation

This method involves the induction of a vegetative section or part of a living plant to form roots and subsequently, developing it into a whole new plant.

Plant multiplication does not involve the seed cycle (exchange of genetic materials) and therefore, it is the best way to maintain some species as clones; individuals identical to the parent.

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