Vaccination and Medication Schedule for Broilers

NOTE: When you want to do vaccination, you administer it with 1/4 of the total volume of drinking water of the birds per day. For example, if the birds drink 40 liters per day, use 10 liters for vaccination.

Day 1- 5:                    Multivitamin+ Antibiotics (20% Enrofloxacin e.g. Conflox)

Day 5:                        1stGumboro Vaccine

Day 7:                        1stLasota Vaccine

Day 9 – 13:                Anticoccidiosisdrug e.g. Dicoxin Plus

Day 15: 2nd              GumboroVaccine

Day 17: 2nd              LasotaVaccine

Day 29: 3rd               GumboroVaccine

Day 31: 3rd               LasotaVaccine

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