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Ways to make more Money as a Snail Farmer

Snail farming also referred to as snail rearing (Heliculture) is one of the most lucrative farming businesses with huge returns on investments, yet, it is one of the most neglected farming businesses in the world today.

Snail farming business is an excellent opportunity for farmers to make a good deal of income within a brief investment period. The demand for snails is very high both in the domestic and export market.

Methods of Snail Processing and Packaging

Speaking about snail farming for beginners, there is a lot of money in snail farming business, you can choose to sell packages snails both online and offline. You can as well decide to sell in offices, schools, Hotels, Supermarkets, Restaurants etc. with your Brand name and contact details.

You can also decide to venture into the following areas of snail business:

  • Formulate snail feed, bag and brand them and sell online and offline to snail farmers.
  • You can buy snails, process, preserve and package them, sell to offices, restaurants / hotels, schools, online and offline. People like snails but they just feel too lazy to start processing them so you can fill in that gap and earn money from it.
  • You can buy and resell live snails, there are some places where you would buy snails at NGN80, 000 for instance and resell at NGN200, 000 in five days to final consumers.

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Snails are very cheap in some states and quite expensive in some states, all you need to do is to carry out a good research to find out the areas and start your business immediately.

In one of our articles, we discussed how you can rear snails with used car tyres, a certain testimony confirmed how she started a snail business with no money (as in kobo) and now she is doing great in snail business. Want to know how she sis this? Lolz well me too.

And out of curiosity, I asked how come and she replies “I started with condemned car tyres and sourced for my snails at my backyard” amazing isn’t it?

Well, it is not compulsory you must buy snails stock from a farmer, you can as well source from your backyard. The only reason I encourage buying from a snail farmer is for security reasons.

Ways to make more Money as a Snail Farmer

Snail farming which is a process of rearing or raising land snails for the primary purpose of human consumption can also serve as a source of huge income for interested snail farmers.

Snails are a healthy and as well a tasty source of nutrition; they are known to be an excellent source of protein, iron, and low in fat as well as containing virtually all the amino acids needed by the human body.

Studies have shown that the glandular substances available in snails, cause agglutination of some bacteria that are valuable in the body to fight against a variety of ailments.  

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12 Ways you can make Money from Snail Farming Business  

Snail market in Nigeria and other parts of the world is not just limited to snail meat. Every part of a snail is a source of income as it is in demand by different kind of people.

It is safe to say that snail market is limitless and so profitable in the agricultural sector as profits can be made from snail shells; used for arts, snail slime; essential in skin care products or treatment for stretch marks, snail livers, waste, etc.

There are numerous ways to make money from snail farming business, and few of those ways are listed below:  

1. You can source for clients overseas and export your snails, the international market for snail is very flourishing, both in Europe and in America. The annual requirement for snail in France is around 5million kg, to which 60% of it is imported from outside the country.

2. As a small farmer, you can decide to sell your snails at any age, e.g., Hatchlings, Growers, Breeders or Table sizes.

You probably know about this already because this is the most popular market for snail farmers. Snails produce rapidly and if have the know how to manage growth then you will have thousands of snails that will be market ready within the shortest possible time.

Do you know that there are different stages of the market when it comes to live snails? Let me share this with you. If you are a snail farmer that is great with production, that is you can make your snails mate and produce large numbers of eggs. You will need a lot of space to grow them to table size especially the Giant African Snails. What if you do not have that much space?

Here is what you can do, start selling from 2-3 months old. A lot of people can not get their snails to produce so they need people like you to supply baby snails they can grow to adult and sell. Just make sure you can get them safely to buyer’s location.

You can also sell them in other stages like Juvenile, Growers, Point of Lay (Sexually Matured), Breeders, Table Size, Large (300-350g) and Jumbo snail (450g above).

When it comes to the market of live snails it is important you grade your snails properly. Provide clear and accurate pictures and weight of snails when negotiating with clients.

You can also pick a niche in snail farming for example you can decide to sell only breeders (Snails at the peak of their fertile age). However, this will require you to practice great feeding and management.

3. You can raise and sell nursery shelters to start-up snail breeders.

4. You can make money by providing warehousing services to snail traders who have challenges in keeping or warehousing their unsold snails.

5. As a small breeder, you can target eateries as well as barbecue joints for the supply of your quality snails.

6. You can engage in-home delivery service to individual consumers

Restaurants patronize quality snails; you can partner with restaurants to be their supplier. The more restaurants you supply, the more profit you stand to gain.  

Snail slime is used for drugs and cosmetics; you can market them to cosmetic companies that make use of snail slime for medicines and cosmetics.

Ways to make more Money as a Snail Farmer

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9. You can buy young or middle-aged snails from other farmers and sell them after they are fully grown.

10. As an experienced snail farmer, you can offer advice to people who are new in the business on farm management, snail pen construction and make money as a consultant.  

11. Hotels are in a regular demand for snails to a great quantity, therefore, becoming a regular supplier of snails to the hotels at the stipulated time, will ensure a regular and steady income to you.

12. You can open a mini fried snail joint and rake in a huge profit from running your fried snail joint.

13. If you are a snail farmer who wants to rake in some extra income, you can start selling snail feed. Commercial snail farmers require snail feed to boast production and increase growth. If you decide to start selling snail feed, you must understand that it is the job of an Animal Nutritionist to formulate feed for livestock.

It is either you buy high quality snail feed from feed producing companies and resell or formulate your own feed. If you choose to formulate your own feed, do yourself a favour and contact the service of an Animal nutritionist to provide you with the right feed formula.

You wouldn’t want to sell snail feed that comes with bad reviews as this can crumble your business. You can also search the internet for snail feed manufacturers, register as a distributor from your country and get things moving.

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