When bucket feeding of calves care should be taken

By Marshal Agrovet consultancy

• Feeding excess milk to the calf can cause scouring. If scouring occurs, reduce the amount of milk and feed water separately. Wait with feeding water for at least one hour after feeding milk
• Give the calf its milk immediately after milking when the milk is at body temperature or heat the milk to body temperature. Heating up can be done by “bain marie” method – bucket with milk in a bucket with heated water to exchange heat. NEVER MIX WATER AND MILK.
• Observe strict cleanliness and hygiene to prevent scouring and other disease problems
• From the second week, provide the calf with clean drinking water at all times. Never mix milk with water!
• From the second week start introducing small amounts of solid feeds, such as dairy meal (or ideally calf feeds) and good quality hay. Feed young calves a total diet of about 20% CP. Refresh the solids every feeding.
• If the solids do not contain (sufficient) minerals, hang a mineral lick where the calf can get the minerals it needs.

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