16 Hidden Health Benefits of Tomato Seeds

As an important part of almost all dishes, tomatoes provide many health benefits in addition to their flavoring function. In addition to the health benefits you can get from the fruit, tomato seeds also provide some health benefits.

Nutritional Content of Tomato Seeds

The reason tomato seeds have health benefits because of the nutritional content of tomato seeds such as minerals, vitamins and other complex nutrients that have the benefits and potential to treat and prevent some diseases that are harmful to the body.

If you previously only eat tomatoes, then after you read the description in this article, make sure you also consume tomato seeds.

The health benefits of tomato seeds

Some of the health benefits offered by tomato seeds are:

1. Lowers cholesterol

Cholesterol is a common problem that many people face. Some of the causes of the emergence of cholesterol problems are due to eating habits and the wrong kind of lifestyle. If you have cholesterol problems, you can be saved by tomato seeds that will help lower cholesterol. This is because tomato seeds have fiber and niacin that have a role in lowering bad cholesterol levels.

2. Lowering blood pressure

Consuming tomato seeds are one way to lower high blood pressure because tomato seeds are one of the Natural High Blood Pressure Treatments. The complex content of lycopene contained in tomato seeds works as an antioxidant, one of the benefits is to lower blood pressure effectively. Therefore, to control your blood pressure remains normal, it is advisable to consume tomato seeds regularly.

3. It has anti-inflammatory properties

One of the effects of free radicals on the body is that it can cause inflammation. Tomato seeds can overcome the inflammation caused by free radicals.

Tomato seeds contain complex lycopene and beta-carotene content that has a role in reducing inflammatory problems.

If you consume tomato seeds, tomato seeds can prevent and treat inflammation effectively and prevent the possibility of dangerous diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease appear.

Tomato Seeds

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4. Boost immunity

One way to boost immunity to the whole body is to consume tomato seeds. The antioxidant content of tomato seeds is beneficial in boosting immunity. Increased immunity is useful to prevent diseases such as colds, flu, influenza, and others appear.

Are your immune weak? Start to consume tomatoes and tomato seeds to feel the benefits.

5. Prevent heart disease

Tomato seeds also have benefits in preventing heart disease because it contains such nutrients as vitamin B6, Benefits of Potassium, and folate that have a function in helping to reduce the problem of hypertension and reduce the risk of heart disease. Because of these benefits, consuming tomato seeds can help the body avoid some dangerous diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and others.

6. Prevents cell damage

One of the harmful consequences of free radicals for the body is the destruction of cells in the body and leads to the formation of cancer.

Lycopene in tomato seeds that act as antioxidants has a major role to fight free radicals so that it can prevent cell damage and prevent the formation of cancer in the body. What a great benefit!

7. Prevents blood clots

One of the causes of the emergence of serious health problems is if there is a blood clot. One way to prevent the formation of blood clots is to consume tomato seeds.

The famous tomato seeds with the mucous layer that surrounds them work together with lycopene (antioxidants) to prevent blood clots.

Tomato Seeds

8. Healthy Bones

Vitamin K and calcium is one of the nutritional content present in tomato seeds. As is commonly known, vitamin K and calcium are the main components that are very beneficial to support bone health. The Vitamin K Benefits are to help strengthen bones. One of the Benefits of Calcium is to improve overall bone health.

To support this benefit, osteocalcin, an important nutrient content in tomato seeds also helps keep bones strong.

9. Improve eyesight

Tomato seeds also contain the benefits of vitamin A. The main benefit of vitamin A is to nourish the eyes. In addition to the health benefits of carrots, tomato seeds are also a source of vitamin A.

10. A natural alternative to aspirin

Aspirin is often used to improve blood flow. However, the use of aspirin can cause side effects such as abdominal bleeding. Tomato seeds are a natural alternative to replacing aspirin.

Tomato seeds have been tested to smooth blood flow within 3 hours after consuming tomato seeds. This benefit can be felt for 18 hours, so this makes tomato seeds can be consumed every day. Unlike aspirin, tomato seeds are a natural way to smooth blood flow without causing side effects.

Tomato Seeds

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Other health benefits of tomato seeds (along with research)

With regard to the benefits of tomato seeds for cardiovascular health, there is supportive research on this subject.

The study, headed by Asim K Dutta-Roy, Ph.D. from the Rowett Research Institute located in Aberdeen, Scotland, has shown some research that tomato seeds have many health benefits such as:

  1. Yellow layer of mucus contained in tomato seeds contain compounds that can fight heart disease and stroke.
  2. Consuming tomatoes and seeds will reduce the risk of blood clots by 72%.
  3. The mucous layer that surrounds the tomato seed is called Fruitlow. Fruitlow contains compounds that appear to have the same effect as aspirin as an analgesic or pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and can also be used as a fever remedy.
  4. Fruitlow is also known to accelerate blood circulation to prevent blood clots and help launch the body’s metabolic processes.

Side effects of tomato seeds

Tomato Seeds

There are things you should know before you consume tomato seeds:

  • For those of you who are undergoing surgery and have problems with blood consciousness like the colloidal disease, it is not advisable to consume tomato seeds. This is because tomato seeds have anti-clotting effect itself which causes the blood to be hard to clot. In addition, in some cases reported, consuming tomato seeds causes swelling or ulcers in certain people.
  • Basically, consuming tomato seeds will not cause kidney disease. However, tomato seeds are not recommended for those of you who already have kidney diseases such as kidney stones or other diseases. In addition, green tomato seeds are also very dangerous for those of you who have kidney disease because green tomato seeds are more difficult to digest.

So that’s a review of the health benefits of tomato seeds. Feel the benefits!

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