African Calabash Nutmeg (Ehuru): Uses and Essential Health Benefits

The African calabash nutmeg popularly known as Ehuru is another local spice and a very popular flavour in Nigeria. It is used to add spice and flavors to a meal, giving it a great and distinct taste. However, as a local spice, it is also called Calabash nutmeg, African Nutmeg, Jamaican Nutmeg, and Ghana seed.

Most people use ehuru as a spice for almost every dish they prepare. Some of the popular dishes where ehuru can be used are:

1. Pepper soup
2. Abacha, mostly consumed by the Igbos
3. Nkwobi
4. Groundnut soup
5. Black soup, you can make your research on this soup.
6. Ofe akwu
7. Ugba/ukpaka
8. Ose-Oji
9. Egusi
10. Ogbono
11. Banga soup
12. Garden egg sauce
13. Goat meat stew
14. Ukwa
15. Isi-ewu, e.t.c

All the above dishes are what can be prepared with ‘Ehuru’.

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And if you’ve not used ehuru in your meal before, then you’ve been missing a whole lot on the benefits. As you continue to read this article, you will be enlightened on the facts and benefits that African nutmeg (Ehuru), has to offer.

If you’ve tasted Abacha before in a restaurant you will discover that the taste is quite different from the one you prepare yourself at home, the reason is that the African nutmeg (Ehuru), is being used in the preparation of Abacha(African Salad) to remove its former taste and give it a distinct and delicious taste.

If you’re thinking of buying the ‘Ehuru’, probably to use as a spice in your meal, you can find it with people selling local spices in the market.

However, African nutmeg has other local names associated with it.

It is called gyeda Mai kamshi or gyadan Miya by the hausa’s, Ariwo by the Yorubas, Iribuotor/ere by the Urhobos, Ikposa by the Benin people, Arigogo by the Ijaws, Kposa by the Ilaje people in Ondo State, Nigeria, Ewaka in yakurr dialect.

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How to De-shell African Calabash Nutmeg (Ehuru)

African Calabash Nutmeg (Ehuru): Uses and Essential Health Benefits

After buying your African nutmeg, if you’re wondering how to de-shell it, then follow the simple steps below;

(1) Bring in your nutmeg, and then roast them, for a few minutes. Once it is well roasted, bring it down from the heat and pound it.

(2) Now, separate the bark from the edible part and then pound it till it becomes powder, and there you have it, a fine nutmeg spice.

Another way to de-shell this nutmeg easily is by blending it in a blender after roasting it, all you have to do is to roast it and then pour it into an electric blender and blend it very well until all its shell is removed.

On blending you will be hearing sounds of the shells hitting the inner parts of the blender, at that point pause and check if it has de-shelled to your satisfaction, continue to run this process until you achieve a more fine and de-shelled nutmeg.

After removing all the shells from the nutmeg, transfer it from the blender into a tray, and clean it by separating the shells from the edible part. Pound it until it becomes powder, it’s as easy as this.

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7 Essential Health Benefits of Ehuru (African Calabash Nutmeg)

African Calabash Nutmeg (Ehuru): Uses and Essential Health Benefits
Ehuru seeds

Based on qualitative research, it was discovered that ‘Ehuru’ is a fine spice and also when added to meals tends to provide tons of health benefits and it contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for the proper growth and functioning of your body.

It contains Iron, folic acid, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, vitamin c, and more too. Helps to reduce cholesterol.

1. Removes phlegm (good expectorant)

2. Greatly increases libido

3. Relieves common cold and flu

4. Improves appetite.

5. A good laxative

6. Cleans the bowels

7. Helps in burning excess fat.

Note: Make sure you roast it if you want to chew it, don’t eat it raw as it may cause or lead to serious health complications.

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Things to Take Into Consideration

African Calabash Nutmeg (Ehuru): Uses and Essential Health Benefits

You should know that the nutmeg (Ehuru), has a very strong flavor so you should only use little quantity of it if you want to use it in your meal. Add little so it doesn’t overwhelm other flavors and spices in your meal.

1. Ehuru (African Calabash Nutmeg) and Pregnancy

It is mostly recommended that pregnant women should eat food with Ehuru in it, the reason is that it is very healthy and has lots of minerals and vitamins in it and no research has reported any negative effect of calabash nutmeg in pregnancy.

2. Ehuru (African Calabash Nutmeg) and Fertility

Ehuru also called Calabash nutmeg is a great sex stimulant and may greatly improve libido in both men and women. It is one of those Nigerian spices that boost ovulation and fertility.

Therefore, Ehuru is a very healthy and popular nutmeg and it is advised that you use little quantity of it in your meal as it has a very strong flavor and also a great taste. It can also provide essential health benefits when added to your meal.

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