Gray Leaf Spot (Stemphylium spp) – Symptoms and Damage Control

It is a fungus which induces small spots on leaves and stems. It can spread quickly by rain and irrigation. It affects crops like Eggplant, Hot pepper, Sweet pepper and Tomato.

Symptoms and Damage

It affects the leaflet with several brown-red specks with angular shape and surrounded by a yellow area. The center turns grey and pierces itself. Leaves turn yellow and can fall.

In same case, elongated spots can appear on young stems.

Fruits are not affected.

Damage Prevention

  1. Remove all crop residues and weed the parcel.
  2. Avoid overhead watering.
  3. apply fungicide once first symptoms appear and after each rain or watering.
  4. Reduce plant density.

Varietal Solutions

Some varieties of tomatoes like: F1 Mongal, F1 Jaguar, F1 Nadira, F1 Linda and F1 Thorgal can be used.

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