Gumboro Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Gumboro Disease threatens poultry farmers mostly because it is a killer type of disease. It is an acute infectious disease that is common with chicks of 3-6 weeks old. Gumboro disease disturbs the growth of broilers in most severe manners.

Symptoms: Birds infected with Gumboro disease would not be able to feed well and start to pass out watery whitish diarrhea. The feathers would become ruffled and appear very sluggish.

Prevention:  To prevent the outbreak of Gumboro disease, you must make sure that you improve your sanitary measures by disinfecting all poultry equipment and cleaning of every place in the house regularly.

As there is no treatment for Gumboro disease outbreak only a vaccination, poultry farmers should always advised to follow strictly the vaccination program of their birds and administer each drugs and vaccines accordingly and also to contact a nearby veterinary clinic for special advice whenever this disease is suspected.

Note: you should not apply any drug or vaccine without the advice of an expert unless you are sure of what to do to avoid vaccination failure or mistakes.

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