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Plantain Farming (Musa x paradisiaca): Complete Growing Guide for High Yields

This article provides the summary and tips on how to plant the best-quality plantains (Plantain farming) in terms of both yield and taste. This complete guide will provide the necessary information to the reader on how to grow high-yield plantains.

Plantain is a very healthy and delicious fruit that most people don’t know about. Here is a complete guide for planting, harvesting, storing, cooking, and other aspects of Plantain farming.

Plantain is a very important crop. It is not only eaten for breakfast but also used as food for livestock. Plantain can be used to make plantain chips, plantain bread, plantain soup, plantain casserole, and many more dishes.

Plantain is a staple food crop in Africa and Central America. It is used for its starchy fruit, which can be cooked or eaten raw.

Majority of plantain cultivars are diploid, so many people believe that they are sterile and do not produce viable seed. But recently, scientists have found that there are some tetraploid cultivars that can produce viable seed.

The best time to sow the seeds/ suckers is just before the rainy season begins because it’s better to plant them in moist soil than dry soil. Plantains need heavy harvest at least twice a year to ripen properly.

The following steps will show you how to plant your own plantain tree or banana tree.

Step 1: Choose a good planting location

Step 2: Dig the hole

Step 3: Plant the banana tree or plantain tree using suckers.

Step 4: Water it

Step 5: Feed it with fertilizer

Step 6: Fruit Harvest

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