Tilapia fingerlings will reach harvestable size in 8 months if grown properly. Aside from raising fish for food, you may want to keep some of your adult fish as breeders to produce fry and fingerlings to “reseed or restock” your fish crop for another harvest.

Only one female tilapia fish will typically produce 200-1000 eggs per spawn, and she will spawn every 4-5 weeks or so if tank conditions are appropriate (“sufficient” for tilapia).

Meanwhile according to a new study, tilapia that are fed three times a day have improved growth rates and welfare indicators.

How long does it take tilapia fish to grow?

A fully grown tilapia weighs average of one pound, but they can grow bigger. With regards to their water requirement, according to the rule of thumb o ne (1) pound of tilapia requires three (3) gallons of water. This means that only one tilapia should be raised in every 3 to 5 gallons of water.

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What food makes tilapia grow faster?

To promote growth, fingerlings can be fed often like 3 times daily with balanced formulated foods with digestible proteins and fats. Tilapia fish can be fed a pelleted diet that contains key nutrients such as proteins (amino acids), fats, minerals, and vitamins as they grow in size.
How long does it take tilapia fish to grow?

How many times do tilapia lay eggs?

Every three to four months, mature female tilapia fishes can lay eggs (from the 12th week in the case of the Nile tilapia). They lay their eggs in male-made nests and carry the fertilized eggs in their mouths until they hatch.

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