Uses and Economic Importance of Plantain Peels

Plantain peels contain minerals nutrient like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and as well as many other nutrient. Most times, plantain peels are often discarded as people thought of it as useless.

Plantains also known as Musa x paradisiaca is a staple food which are commonly grown in the tropical part. It is a good source of energy as well as starch. It is more like a vegetable than fruit as it resembles bananas but are much bigger than bananas. It is a food commonly consumed by all.

Plantains has various economic importance, it is a good source of income for farmers. Plantain peels are waste materials gotten from the plantain fruit itself and as much as important plantain are, so does it peels.

Uses and Economic Importance of Plantain Peels

Uses and Economic Importance of Plantain Peels

In this article, we will be analyzing the various uses as well as the economic importance of plantain peels.

Below are the economic importance as well as other uses of plantain peels;

1. Plantain Peels are Used in Soap Making

Plantain peels are widely used in the soap making industry. It is a good source of raw material used in the manufacturing of soap as it generate ethanol and produced potassium hydroxide, a good source of alkalii.

It is roasted, burned into ashes at a very high degree in temperature and then added to the mixture to produce soap.

Plantain peels are a very major ingredient used in the production of soap and cannot by any means, be waived.

2. Used as Livestock feed

Research shows that plantain peels have proven to be a nutritional feed to cattle, pigs, rabbits as well as other ruminants.

It reduces the cost of purchasing maize as it can be used as a substitute for feeding animals instead of maize.

It is readily available as well as much cheaper than maize, it is a good substitute for cornstarch in the diet of snails.

It contains a high nutritional value which is very okay in the feeding of livestock.

It reduces cost of buying feeds for livestock readers and also serves as a nutritional constituent to the livestock.

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3. Used in the production of organic fertilizer

Plantain peels is also widely used to improve the yield of crop as it is used in the production of compost manure and organic fertilizer.

It can be used to improve the quality of crop and serves as an important source of manure for crop.

Farmers find this peels very useful and important as it reduces the cost in purchasing other chemicals for increasing yield of crop.

4. Used in Carbon black production

Carbon black is a form of carbon called amorphous carbon. Carbon black is gotten from various sources and one of this source is plantain peels.

It is said to have been obtained from plantain peels when cut into smaller pieces, dried and then heated by passing through a process called carbonation.

5. Used in skin care treatment

Plantain peels when dried can be added to a skin care products. Peels are said to be effective in the reduction of wrinkles and are good for anti-aging products.

It is also good in the removal of acne, pimples and eczema.

It has proved efficient for a smooth and clear skin, it is also high in vitamin a and allantoin acid which helps in rapid wound healing.

It lowers the cost of purchasing other chemicals and also has no adverse effect on the skin.

6. Used in the production of drugs

Plantain peels has a lot of health benefits.  Diseases like diabetes, cancers and hypertension and ulcers can be reduced by the use of plantain peels thereby plantain peels can be used in the production of drugs relating to those diseases.

Plantain peels helps lower the sodium level and it contain potassium which helps in reduction of hypertension by maintaining the normal body pressure.

It contains dietary fibres which helps in diabetes as it reduces the sugar level in the body and helps in digestion.

It also reduces the risk of cancers as it serves as an anti-inflammatory properties.

Plantain peels when boiled can also reduce ulcer occurrence as it prevent constipation and prevent bloating and gases in the stomach.

7. Used in the paper making industry

Plantain peels is a raw material that can be used as substitute for wood in the paper making industry because it contains fine fiber and has a higher cellulose and lignin much more than that of softwood.

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